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A Local Home Invasion Makes The Case For Safety Window Film

Safety and Security Window FilmIn the wee hours of October 22, 71 year-old Lars Wahlstrom was surprised to see a strange man stumbling around on his back deck. He and his wife live in the quiet countryside of Southwest Aloha, and typically don’t have strangers approaching their home – even in daylight.

Wahlstrom was up at 2am with a cough, reading a magazine in his chair, when he spied the man trying to open their sliding glass door. When he locked eyes with Wahlstrom, the strange man demanded to be let in, but the bewildered homeowner refused. When Wahlstrom threatened to call the police, the stranger told him to “go ahead,” and as he dialed the man began to bang on the window and kick the door.

When the ruckus awoke his wife, Wahlstrom asked her to grab his bat for him and stay on the line with 911.

The disheveled man started pounding on another window, breaking the outer glass pane. Wahlstrom, barefoot in his robe, inched closer preparing to use his bat. As the man thrusted his elbow through the inner pane, casting shattered glass to the floor, Wahlstrom jumped back and cut his foot on a piece of glass. He swung his bat, but missed the man as he broke his way into their home.

Wahlstrom ordered the intruder to get down on the ground, and he obeyed, crawling on his hands and knees across the kitchen floor toward the homeowner. In a stunning change of temper, Wahlstrom says the man pulled out his wallet and offered to pay for the damages, explaining that he was “a good guy” and that there were two men chasing him in the dark. Even so, Wahlstrom told the man to stay put or he’d have to hit him.

Soon enough, Washington County police arrived and apprehended the stranger, who turned out to be under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine. The two men chasing him were never found. Read the full story here.

What we can learn from this alarming and unfortunate event, is that you never know when trouble might come stumbling onto your property, and that your home’s windows are a vulnerable point of entry.  If the Wahlstrom’s windows were covered with a safety film, that man may not have been able to get inside their home, and Mr. Wahlstrom wouldn’t have that cut on his foot.

Armorcoat Safety & Security films help to hold window glass in place when it gets broken. Once installed, it makes your windows almost impenetrable, reducing the chances of burglary, property damage and even personal injury.

Call Pacific Window Tinting today to learn more about how you can protect your family from an intruder with Armorcoat window film.


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