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Our Own Jared Gray Awarded Panorama Dealer Of The Year

Portland, Ore.— Pacific Window Tinting’s co-owner Jared Gray was recently named the 2012 North American Dealer of the Year by Panorama, Solar Gard’s premium line of window film. The award was given during Solar Gard’s annual National Dealer Meeting in Orlando, Florida in March. This is quite an accomplishment for any dealer, but an especially remarkable achievement for Pacific Window Tinting (PWT) as the Portland area and Northwest region in general is not known for excessive sunlight. “Being situated in the Northwest, it’s difficult to compete with the warmer climates generally in this industry,” said Jared as he spoke with Window Film Magazine, “but I think we are starting to make a difference and raise awareness of the need for window film in colder climates. For me, success comes down to a lot of hard work, passion and always putting the customer first.” Owners David & Genise Vernon and Jared Gray have worked together to build Pacific Window Tinting to a nationally recognized company. David Vernon states “while I’d like to take credit for [the award], it’s really Jared that’s made the difference. It’s his ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, combined with his ability to build a personal relationship with his customers that truly sets us apart from everyone else.” Jared’s level of professionalism is also highly respected. For many years, he has been a member of Solar Gard’s National Dealer Council, a group that helps Read more [...] Continue Reading

Security Film Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About

Do you ever find yourself worrying about being robbed or vandalized while away from your home or business? When you go to sleep at night do you wonder if your family and possessions are safe from a late night intruder? It’s safe to say we all do, but simply worrying about these kinds of things is neither productive nor is it healthy. Rather than losing sleep, give yourself peace of mind. There is something you can do to protect your loved ones and possessions and lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim of intrusion. The most vulnerable areas of your home or business are the windows. Glass is easily shattered, allowing burglars to creep right in. However, when a window is covered with Armorcoat Safety & Security Films and someone or something breaks it, the shatter-resistant film keeps the glass firmly in place. Not only will Armorcoat Safety & Security Films keep intruders out, but it will also keep your family from injuring themselves on shards of glass, and prevent some of the damages to your home that can occur during storms and earthquakes. Armorcoat’s superior protection is used on most Federal Buildings in Washington DC., across the country and worldwide. Because it safeguards so many of the world’s valuable people and things, it has been tested for strength by regulatory agencies in many ways. They have attempted to blast it, break it, puncture it and peel it, but there is no getting past Armorcoat. While Solargard originally designed and manufactured Read more [...] Continue Reading

Commercial Window Tinting Protects Neighbors From Light Pollution

We all have a pretty good idea of what window film does – it keeps the sun out – the heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Right? Well, there are many other applications and uses for window film. On a tint install in Portland we were resolving a problem I had never encountered before. This time,  rather than keeping the light out, the purpose of tinting the windows was to keep light from escaping! That’s right, a neighboring building’s tenants were kept awake at night because of a light in the building that is left on 24 hours a day. Our customer’s security light is required to stay on all night, and it was shining brightly into the rooms of the buildings across the street. This apparently was not an isolated incident. As it turns out, it even has a name. Excessive or unpleasant light emanating from a building or home is known as “Light Pollution.” The building owner in this situation, being a quick thinker, called Pacific Window Tinting and was able to schedule the installation of “Slate 10” window film to resolve the problem. Slate 10 provides excellent heat and glare reduction, improves privacy, and softens natural lighting. It has a neutral tint, which is barely noticeable from the inside and has a reflective finish outside‒ rescuing neighbors from the glare of the late-night beacon (late-night bacon however, requires no such rescue). There have been nothing but smiles and well rested neighbors greeting our quick thinking customer since the resolution Read more [...] Continue Reading

Window Tinting to Protect Your Wood Furniture

The mention of fading furniture often calls to mind upholstered pieces. However, prolonged exposure to UV light can greatly damage your beautiful wood furniture. Besides regular oiling or waxing to maintain the look of your wood, consider the effects of UV light on these veneers and what a UV guard window film can do for you. Natural, direct sunlight is the most harmful form of light for wood surfaces. Ultra violet rays have a bleaching effect that will cause the natural color of your wood to fade. In addition, UV light damages finishes such as stain or paint. Dark colors lighten in direct sunlight, and white paint turns yellow. Shiny finishes go dull under UV influence, and you may notice a maze of hairline cracks, creating an alligator-esque appearance. If this is not the look you want, such changes may prove disturbing to you and your overall décor. In addition to UV rays, sunlight contains heat, which can dry wood furniture, adhesives, and finishes, resulting in shrinkage. Shrinkage, in turn, can cause gaps in furniture joints, splits along the grain, and structural warping. Veneers and inlays may detach and wood will appear aged. While unintentionally aged wood makes for aesthetic issues in your home décor, its effects on your business furniture can be even more destructive. If first impressions are vital, it is essential that any wood furniture you feature in your office represents the highest quality possible. Aged and warped wood provides a dilapidated impression Read more [...] Continue Reading

A Window Tint adds Portland flair!

With so many styles and options available these days, having a window tint professionally installed throughout your Portland home or office can do so much more than perform a practical service alone. Yes, a window tint can stop those ruinous UV rays from beating into your building all day long, keeping your expensive furniture and carpets from fading and deteriorating. A window tint could also cut down on crippling glares, allowing you to use both hands on your keyboard at work for once rather than shielding your eyes with one hand so you can see your computer screen.  With such a window tint you might actually be able to get away with watching TV without having to squint through an entire program.  Some tints even help protect the glass itself by providing an easy way to remove the graffiti so lovingly placed on a business owner's property by Portland's finest street artists.  There is even a window tint that can block out unwanted heat during the hot Portland summer while retaining valuable heat in the damp, cool winter! Yet with all these useful functions, a window tint can allow you to add your own flare and personality to your residence or place of business.  Anyone living around the Portland area knows that here, we're all about self-expression and a window tint is a perfect way to show your neighbors or customers who you really are!  One of our favorite things to do at Pacific Window Tinting is help you discover the perfect decorative design for your window tint.  Read more [...] Continue Reading

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