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Window tints will keep your Portland Summer cool!

We may not see the most extreme temperatures here in Portland, Oregon but that doesn't mean it doesn't get HOT when summer rolls in.  Many home and business owners are forced to make the difficult decision between the comfort of air conditioning and its high cost, or fanning the sweat off of their foreheads with a folded piece of paper to save a little cash.  What these folks may not realize is that  by having residential or commercial window tints installed on their windows, a large portion of that summer heat could be kept outside where it belongs! Most Portland homeowners spend a large portion of their monthly energy bills on heating and cooling (around 60%), turning any increases in energy efficiency into huge reductions in cost. Pacific Window Tinting can apply specialized window tints throughout your building that shield out 70% of the summer heat.  This benefit extends well into winter as the applied film actually helps retain heat when desired, making your investment in window tints even more valuable.  As a bonus, these films will block almost all of the harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your couches, carpets, drapes, and other furniture from fading.  This also means that your window tint will provide you with a reduction in those pesky glares that plague you throughout the day.  Also, window tints are just as easy to clean as windows without tints, so you won't have to worry about any additional maintenance. Adding window tints to your home or business Read more [...] Continue Reading

Oregon Window Tinting Ideas

You probably didn't get to design the layout of your home, but you can personalize it by adding your touch to the inside and outside windows in your home.  Window frosting and glare reducing Oregon window tinting are great ways to add character to your home and make it more livable. Have you seen an office whose clear glass doors have been frosted with a beautiful design?  These tasteful designs are also available for your home.  Even if your home does not get excessive sunlight, which can cause fading of items nearby and overheating, window tinting may still be able to enhance your home using those beautiful frosted glass patterns.  Oregon window tinting isn't just for UV rays, anymore - it's for privacy, too! Many areas in your home can benefit from frosted glass:  windows in your bathroom, by your bathtub, above and next to your front door, and more.  Do you have any doors with clear glass that would benefit from additional privacy?  Pick a pattern to frost onto the glass, preserving your door while making it more private. Do you wish your home office had the class, professional quality of a frosted glass door but all you have is a boring wooden door?  Install a glass insert in your door and have it frosted.  Also consider a design on the glass door of your shower to set the stage for the rest of your bathroom's decorations.  You can create your home in exactly the image you would like by frosting glass throughout. Many types of Oregon window tinting Read more [...] Continue Reading

Best Portland Window Tinting for Your Home

Portland window tinting is more common than you might realize, and it has more benefits than you might realize.  You wear sunglasses outside.  Your car has tinted windows.  But you may not have considered tinting the windows in your home.  Window tinting is good for your eyes, your belongings, and your energy bill.  And the best part is you'll benefit in all of those areas without even noticing your windows are tinted because many kinds of window tinting are nearly invisible.  Of course, darker tints are available to suit your needs. Window tinting film on the windows of your home keeps around 99% of UV rays from entering your home.  These rays are harmful to your eyes, and they're also what cause your furniture and other items to fade over time.  Do you want to put your best furniture near your picture windows, but you don't want to risk sun damage to the fabric?  Do your kids leave their toys in front of the window, causing them to become faded and look worn?  Even in Portland, window tinting can be an easy solution to this problem because the UV rays that are blocked by window tinting films are what cause the fading to the items near your windows.  Who knew that window tinting is able to protect both you and your investments? On sides of your home that get a constant amount of sunlight, you may have found that another issue, in addition to fading, these rooms get uncomfortably hot during the day.  Portland window tinting fixes this with a film that Read more [...] Continue Reading

Commercial Window Tint Portland

Commercial Window Tinting in Portland Commercial Window Tinting – it’s not just for homes or cars anymore, you can obtain great advantages by getting your building or commercial property window tinted.  As a matter of fact, we have a wider variety of commercial window tint products and services available to our commercial window tinting customers, moreso than other segments of our Portland window tinting business. You’ll be amazed by what Pacific Window Tinting can do for your company. But the single most important thing we have to offer you is GREAT SERVICE! We take major pride in the way our commercial window tinting customers are treated. The fact is: WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! Pacific Window Tinting can help you find the products and services that best suit the needs of your company. We have a very wide variety of commercial window tint products to chose from depending on the purpose of your window tinting. Pacific Window Tinting counts with panorama solar films, which are energy efficient films that help control solar heat gain; armorcoat safety and security films which are the world's most respected name in security films; decorative films, which allow you to be as creative as you want to be to create that pefect commercial window tint that you will just love forever. We also count with graffiti protection films, which are specifically made to protect your window against graffiti, and in fact it is much cheaper than replacing your scratched window. As Read more [...] Continue Reading

Why Tint Your Home Windows in Oregon?

Oregon Window Tinting can be examined based on different criteria depending on the goals of the property owner, in this case, a homeowner. One Oregon window tint might provide higher heat reduction, while another Oregon window tint might provide more privacy. Oregon Window tints possess several beneficial qualities, but there can be a trade-off. Knowing how to adequately evaluate these qualities can help you make your final decision. Very likely, energy savings is one of the most important criteria taken into consideration when  deciding on which Oregon window film to choose. In new homes, windows can cause approximately 75 percent of heat gain during the summer months, which dramatically increases air-conditioning costs. This gain in heat can also affect your overall budget. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, close to 45 percent of a regular utility bill is applied to heating and cooling. A number of factors determine the amount of energy savings, including tree shading or the orientation and location of the house, along with the type of Oregon window tint or film used. When analyzing the ability of a tint to reject heat, you must first look at what's causing the heat. Most of the heat from the sun comes in the form of infrared rays, so blocking those rays from entering the home will help to reduce heat inside the home. When analyzing heat reduction, there are two very important factors to look at in an Oregon window tinting: the solar heat gain coefficient Read more [...] Continue Reading

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