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Commercial Window Tint Portland

Commercial Window Tinting in Portland Commercial Window Tinting – it’s not just for homes or cars anymore, you can obtain great advantages by getting your building or commercial property window tinted.  As a matter of fact, we have a wider variety of commercial window tint products and services available to our commercial window tinting customers, moreso than other segments of our Portland window tinting business. You’ll be amazed by what Pacific Window Tinting can do for your company. But the single most important thing we have to offer you is GREAT SERVICE! We take major pride in the way our commercial window tinting customers are treated. The fact is: WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! Pacific Window Tinting can help you find the products and services that best suit the needs of your company. We have a very wide variety of commercial window tint products to chose from depending on the purpose of your window tinting. Pacific Window Tinting counts with panorama solar films, which are energy efficient films that help control solar heat gain; armorcoat safety and security films which are the world's most respected name in security films; decorative films, which allow you to be as creative as you want to be to create that pefect commercial window tint that you will just love forever. We also count with graffiti protection films, which are specifically made to protect your window against graffiti, and in fact it is much cheaper than replacing your scratched window. As Read more [...] Continue Reading

Why Tint Your Home Windows in Oregon?

Oregon Window Tinting can be examined based on different criteria depending on the goals of the property owner, in this case, a homeowner. One Oregon window tint might provide higher heat reduction, while another Oregon window tint might provide more privacy. Oregon Window tints possess several beneficial qualities, but there can be a trade-off. Knowing how to adequately evaluate these qualities can help you make your final decision. Very likely, energy savings is one of the most important criteria taken into consideration when  deciding on which Oregon window film to choose. In new homes, windows can cause approximately 75 percent of heat gain during the summer months, which dramatically increases air-conditioning costs. This gain in heat can also affect your overall budget. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, close to 45 percent of a regular utility bill is applied to heating and cooling. A number of factors determine the amount of energy savings, including tree shading or the orientation and location of the house, along with the type of Oregon window tint or film used. When analyzing the ability of a tint to reject heat, you must first look at what's causing the heat. Most of the heat from the sun comes in the form of infrared rays, so blocking those rays from entering the home will help to reduce heat inside the home. When analyzing heat reduction, there are two very important factors to look at in an Oregon window tinting: the solar heat gain coefficient Read more [...] Continue Reading

Portland Window Tint

Why Portland Window Tint should be Installed in Every Home? There are several pros of home window tint, also known as solar window film, which is applied to the interior side of windows. This allows installation to be much easier and quicker. Installing home window tint is done less for a decorative purpose, like it is with decorative window film that is applied inside the house. Instead, the main function of solar window film is to deflect the direct sunlight. There are a few reasons why you might want to do this such as the following. Protect the health and comfort of your family with Portland Window Tint Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is just bad for you. It can cause damage of the skin which leads to premature aging. It can also cause dry skin which involves itchiness and rashes, not to mention the higher chances of of skin cancer. Home window tint blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light that causes such damage. It is a good idea to control your exposure to sun as much as possible. Save the sunlight exposure for doing fun things outside. Protect your home from the dangerous rays. Protect the interior of your house with Portland window tint The Sunlight that comes into the house is great for fading carpet, drapes and furniture. The heat from it can also damage electronics and digital items and cause wood to warp. In addition to its blocking power, solar window film can passively reflect and absorb up to 70% of incoming solar heat which keeps it from entering Read more [...] Continue Reading

Window Tinting Protects downtown properties

While some of our work goes to beautify interior glass with frosted finishes, etched finishes and colored tints, a large proportion of what we do goes unseen.  Much of the time, our crews install window film which protects workers in the event of opportunistic thieves who think to smash through a window, or vandals that throw bricks, rocks, or anything else handy.

Although not common in Portland, vandalism does occur and can cost businesses thousands in glass replacement.  Worse still, there is always to the risk of injury from glass shards, and broken glass pieces.

The recent cases of vandalism that coincided with the Occupy Portland (Occupy Portland vehemently denies involvement in any activity which damaged commercial or personal property) demonstrations serve to demonstrate this clearly.  Broken glass at the Chase Bank Branch and Wells Fargo branch posed a menace to bank staff and customers until it was disposed of and replaced.

Anti- shatter window film is simple to install, invisible to the eye and provides your store front or business with excellent protection from such attacks.   Once installed anti-shatter window film provides 24 hours, 365 days of protection.  Glass may be broken with anti-shatter film, but will remain in place, held securely by the protective film.  This way the glass can be replaced without any mess or risk of cuts or injury.

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Save thousands with anti-graffiti window film

Updated January 2018 Anti-graffiti window film offers business and property owners a highly efficient and effective form of protection from all forms of graffiti and even routine damage. Things like scratches, acid-etching and of course, what you picture when we mention graffiti, spray paint and marked up walls across store-fronts, buildings, walls, tunnels, and a variety of public places. Frequently, if graffiti isn’t removed quickly, it attracts more taggers to add to the existing graffiti and will make the buildings around it targets for additional tagging and damage making it bad for business. It lowers property values, drives away potential customers, and is a frankly an eyesore. Protect your business with guards like a graffiti protective film. The Rising Costs of Graffiti Removal In 2015, the removal of graffiti cost the city of Seattle $1 million, and Los Angeles scrubs away 30 million square feet of graffiti every year which costs them about $7 million annually. In Portland, vandalism in the form of tagging and graffiti costs the city between $300,000 and $400,000 every year. All of these estimates are just for public property that the city maintains, it doesn’t account for private property that business owners are solely responsible for the costs of repairs or restoration. Vandalism damage costs business and property owners around $12 billion annually – so protecting yourself from potential vandalism through preventative measures like anti-graffiti window Read more [...] Continue Reading

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