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10 Uses for Window Film

Window film can keeps the sunlight out which preserves the color of the furniture and the carpet, as well as cutting down the bothersome glare. It also provides energy savings and provides additional safety elements to reduce the chance of injury if the glass breaks. However, few actually know how to use window film as a decorating feature and the concept is beyond their imagination. Prepare to let your imagination roll as you learn the awesome decorative options that decorative window film holds for you 1. Stain your glass the easy way There are a lot of different versions of stained glass window film. Yes, you can make an ordinary window look exactly like stained glass. Stained glass can be expensive and it isn't one of those "do-it-yourself" hobbies that many want to take part of. Problem resolved You can have the eloquent image of stained glass without the expense or hard work. 2. Guard your sliding glass door Take advantage of the safety effects of window film along with a decorative flare. Instead of sticking stickers on your sliding glass to prevent someone from walking (or running) through it, use decorative window film to make the statement that a door is there. 3. Block glare and intensity of light If you have ever worked graveyards, you know how irritating the light can be when you are a day sleeper. Instead of tacking blankets over the windows or covering them with foil, why not use decorative window film with a block pattern to reduce the intensity of the Read more [...] Continue Reading

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