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Window Films – it’s not just for cars anymore! Actually, we have a wider variety of products and services available to our commercial window tinting customers, more so than other segments of our business.

You’ll be surprised what Pacific Window Tinting can do for your company. But the single greatest thing we have to offer you is SERVICE! We take great pride in the way our commercial customers are treated. The fact is:


Let Pacific Window Tinting help you find the products and services that are right for your company. You can learn more about each of these products by clicking on the corresponding tab on the side of this page but these products are highlighted below!

solar films

Panorama Solar films

These energy-efficient films help control solar heat gain and reduce the heating effects of the sun during the summer. By blocking harmful UV rays before they enter the building, these solar window films keep the inside of your home or office comfortable throughout the summer months.

These films help balance out the temperatures throughout your building while dramatically reducing energy consumption. Plus, Panorama window film is a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to say energy. Let us help you save energy while improving the comfort of your building.

armorcoat safety and security films

Armorcoat Safety and Security films

In addition to protecting furniture, flooring, and other furnishings from UV rays, window films add an extra layer of security from more immediate threats as well. Whether it’s thieves trying to break into your home or business, wind-blown debris during a storm, or other natural disasters, our window films are designed to strengthen glass doors and windows.

The world’s most respected name in security films, Armorcoat is protecting military bases and government buildings around the world. This world-class protection can be yours too! Protect your business from smash-n-grabs and other unwanted intruders. See more under the Safety & Security tab on the side of this page.

graffiti protection films

Graffiti Protection

We have films made specifically to protect your windows from graffiti. If the film is damaged, we simply remove it and replace it with a new film (at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows)! Our security window films protect against scratching, chipping, and other damage as well.

If building windows have already been damaged by graffiti, we have glass buffing equipment to remove those scratches. Why replace your windows when we can make them look good again? We can then install window film for an extra layer of protection.

decorative films

Decorative Films

How vivid and alive is your imagination???? This is an architects/designers wonderland. We offer a rainbow of colors, frosts, and other designer films to choose from. And as if that’s not enough, with our computerized plotter, we can cut the film to match your imagination!

Frosted windows or window etching can be expensive and are there for good. With decorative window films, you can change the look of your glass doors or windows in a matter of a few days. This is ideal for commercial building managers dealing with changing tenants.

architectural finishes & underlit countertops in a lobby

Architectural Finishes

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when an office or front lobby of a commercial building was built just by looking at the surfaces of a desk, accent walls, or even the elevator doors. But styles change after a while, so what is cutting-edge in design today may look terribly dated in a few years.

Oregon Duck Football player graphic finishes

Graphic Finishes

What better way to announce your presence than having your logo emblazoned on your front window? Or jazz up a bank of windows with designs that promote your business or feature your services or products? With Pacific Window Tinting films, you have the ability to convey your brand, personality, landscape, or anything else!

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