Residential & Commercial Window Tinting FAQs

Why should I have Panorama® window film installed?

  • To dramatically reduce fading on interior furnishings.
  • To reduce solar heat from entering the room while still allowing in light.
  • In the event of a window breaking, the film prevents razor-sharp shards of glass from being dispersed throughout the room; preventing injuries and damage.
  • To diminish the chance of a burglar breaking and entering (with safety film).
  • To make your windows more uniform and attractive.

What are the main advantages of Panorama® window film?

  • A cooler house during hot weather. Panorama window film’s thin metal layer allows most of the light to pass through but blocks much of the solar heat gain.
  • A reduction in fading (wood flooring, curtains, furniture, artwork etc.). Panorama window film keeps out most harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Increased safety and security (safety film): The adhesive layer of Panorama window film bonds with the window. In the event of a window breaking, the shards of glass are held together by the film. Therefore, no glass is expelled, which prevents physical injuries and damage to the inside of your room. Panorama safety film / Armorcoat also make it nearly impossible for a thief to break and enter your home or business.

What are the advantages of Panorama® window film compared with an “outdoor” solar protection method?

  • You have a window! Solar film provides the protection you need while still letting you enjoy the view!
  • “Outdoor” solar protection (such as blinds or shutters) reflects the infrared rays, but it also prevents the visible light from entering the room. With Panorama you obtain protection against infrared and ultraviolet rays, and maximize visible light.
  • Unlike shutters and blinds, Panorama window film offers easy maintenance and inexpensive cleaning.
  • Panorama window film is quick and easy to fit; other solar protection methods involve extra work.
  • Panorama solar films provide an enviromentally friendly way to save energy.

What are the advantages of Panorama window film compared with an “indoor” solar protection method?

  • Blinds and curtains block your view. Panorama window film allows you to enjoy your view.
  • “Indoor” solar protection (such as blinds or curtains) prevents the visible light from getting into the room while allowing the radiating infrared heat to accumulate. Air conditioning may be a solution, however, the cost of installing and running it is very high compared with the window film. Panorama window film is working for you from dawn to dusk and it does not need to be closed or opened.

How does Panorama window film help control temperatures in your home or business?

  • In most homes, the south or west rooms of the house become hot while the rest of the house remains cool and comfortable. Panorama window film allows you to control the heat in those problem areas and balance the temperatures throughout your home.
  • Panorama window films can block up to 80% of the solar heat gain giving you control over the temperature in your home or business.

Panorama window film reflects the heat during the summer, but what effect does the film have during the winter?

  • One of the most important benefits of Panorama window film is the solar heat gain rejected during the hot summer months. While many people enjoy that little bit of warmth generated by the sun in the winter, if the film is blocking say 50% of the solar heat gain in the summer, it’s also blocking 50% of the limited solar heat gain in the winter.
  • Because Panorama window film does have a thin metalized layer, it helps to prevent the warm air in the home from escaping through the glass.

What effect does Panorama window film have from the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out?

  • Unfortunately, a common misconception of window film is that of the dark color used in limousines. Modern architectural films are made to provide the most light possible. In fact, in many cases you wouldn’t even know the film was there!
  • When you are inside, Panorama window film allows the maximum light to enter.
  • When you are outside, the outer appearance is characterized by a soft, neutral look after having Panorama film installed.

How do solar protection films work in general, and Panorama window film in particular?

  • Panorama window films reflect a significant portion of the total solar energy from passing through existing windows. The film also increases the absorption of that energy into the glass. A window with a film reflects and absorbs more solar energy than a window without a film.
  • Panorama protective window films have a very fine metal layer. This metal layer reflects the solar energy absorbing part of it. The transmittance of the visible light from the solar energy through the film is optimized. Panorama has a layer which absorbs the ultraviolet rays and greatly reduces fading inside your house or office (wood, furniture, curtains, etc.). All Panorama window films are coated with an anti-scratch layer, to ensure the films have a long life and makes them easy to clean.
  • Colored and pigmented films are not as efficient. They work on the principle of absorption through the glass. The energy absorbed is then released outwards with a large part sent back to the inside (making the room heat up quicker). The films prevent a large part of the visible light from penetrating; creating a gloomy look.

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