Commercial Graphics

Would you like to grab the attention of potential shoppers for your storefront, add interest to a workspace, give pizzazz to a meeting room or entryway?


Join the hundreds of businesses who have enjoyed our professional graphic installation and custom window film design. We’ll work with you to design graphics that improve visibility and create environments that inspire.

Why Commercial Graphics?

Visual graphics installed on storefronts not only add interest, but also create a feeling of community. An excellent example of this is Natural Foods. The fresh produce visuals and bikers on-the-go window graphics have created an eye-catching neighborhood touchstone.

In addition to bringing meaning and community to your blank spaces, our graphics provide some heat and glare relief. It protects eyes, skin and furnishings from the damaging effects of too much sun. But window film is more than just a way to save energy and money. When you choose a film that’s been enhanced with distinctive designs, your windows are elevated from simply functional to stunningly stylish.

Pacific Window Tinting has a great selection of films, in various colors and designs. Custom designs are also available. Nearly anything you can visualize, our talented and experienced designers can reproduce on our plotter.

Installation Options

Where can commercial graphics be installed? Window film can be applied on interior or exterior windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. It will adhere to nearly any nonporous material. That means your commercial graphics options are practically limitless!

Our Work

We installed the now iconic Red Door in The Mark Building at the Portland Art Museum. Originally designed for a Japanese exhibit, the then-new install created such buzz and appreciation that it now defines the Portland Art Museum. Visitors have a sense of anticipation walking through the “portal,” and the building wouldn’t be the same without it!

The Swinerton Builders space needed a muse in their new office space—not a blank white wall. A terrific old-time graphic was the perfect install for the construction company. Studies have shown that a pleasant work environment fosters creativity, and creativity equals dollars!

One of our favorite installations of all time was the University of Oregon Ducks graphics, featured in Sports Illustrated. The result is an impressive, high-impact set of graphics that inspires the players and sets the tone for an unstoppable team!

We <3 Small Businesses

And perhaps the most enjoyable is seeing small business create their brand with custom graphics that we create here in our shop. We use window film along with a computer-generated image to apply your logo to storefront windows or interior spaces, along with hours of operation or other information crucial to your client base—and the operation of your business. These styles of graphics can create privacy and be inviting at the same time.

The Custom Graphics Experts

The above examples are highly customized installations that create an image for their businesses that are unmistakable. We’ll work with you to foster your ideas and make them the best possible fit for your organization. Depending on the project, graphic installation and custom window film work can be done at a price that is less than you might expect. We will always give you the best bang for your buck!

The process? Call us, and we’ll set up an appointment! We’ll talk about what you want and when you want it. Our turn-around is fast and, as a family-owned and operated business, your satisfaction is our top priority. Pacific Window Tinting has your back!

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