Fade Control

Reduce the damaging effect of FADING!

It’s not unusual for carpets and furniture to lose color over time, especially when they’re exposed to sunlight. Sun fading, specifically, is a type of oxidation; it most often occurs near windows.

Color fading is so subtle that it sneaks up on you. A little fading each day and before you know it, the color has faded away. You sometimes won’t even notice it until you move a piece of furniture and realize how much color has faded in the sun.

This can be costly to repair. Fading is caused by a number of factors but the damaging effects can be controlled. The largest single cause of fading is ultraviolet rays. Panorama solar film blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays — virtually eliminating fading damage to the interior of your home!


The Benefits Of Window Tinting

Window tinting provides a host of benefits.

  1. Reduces fading in carpets and furniture

  2. Saves money on energy costs

  3. Rejects heat

  4. Balances out the temperature

  5. Reduces glare

  6. Improves the look and comfort of your home or office

  7. Adds a measure of privacy, safety, and security to your home or office

  8. Enhances windows views

While nothing can prevent fading entirely, Pacific Window Tinting can help keep the interior of your home looking new. Plus, modern residential films are so light in color, you’ll hardly notice they’re there!

How To Prevent Fading

Some of the things that can be damaged by the sun’s rays are hardwood floors, wood cabinets, carpet, decorator rugs, upholstered furniture, paintings, photographs, draperies — even your child’s artwork. You spend a lot of time and money decorating your home, and Panorama window film can help keep that investment looking new!

As the diagram shows, fading is usually caused by several factors, often acting in conjunction with one another, including light (both visible and ultraviolet, and solar energy).

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