Polycarbonate Security Glazing

Many of our downtown Portland clients are becoming increasingly frustrated with how often they have to replace their storefront windows during times of social unrest. And we understand completely: replacing large window panes is expensive, not to mention security measures that need to be taken before they are replaced. And we tell them we have the perfect solution: polycarbonate security glazing.

Polycarbonate security glazing is a robust, resilient material used to reinforce windows and doors, offering enhanced protection against various threats. It’s crafted from polycarbonate, a type of durable plastic renowned for its exceptional strength and impact resistance.

This specialized glazing has many purposes, but its primary focus is security. Often employed in high-risk areas like banks, government buildings, jewelry stores, and even residential properties, polycarbonate security glazing is ideal for those looking to bulk up the safety of their buildings.

Polycarbonate Security Glazing: Absorb Impact

Its tough nature acts as a strong deterrent against forced entry attempts–polycarbonate security glazing is much more difficult to break through compared to regular glass. In fact, it’s 250 times stronger than window glass and can take up to 40 minutes of constant thrashing to finally break through. That’s an eternity for smash-and-grab criminals: they’ll quickly move on.

One of the remarkable qualities of polycarbonate security glazing solutions is the ability to absorb impact without shattering. Even if subject to continual substantial force, it might develop cracks but remain intact, maintaining its structural integrity and preventing easy access. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice in areas prone to vandalism, burglary, or civil unrest.

Moreover, it provides added benefits beyond security solutions. Polycarbonate glazing offers resistance to extreme weather conditions and UV light transmission, making it a versatile choice for locations requiring comprehensive protection.

Expert Installation

As with any security system, it’s only as good as its installation. Pacific Window Tinting was the first authorized dealer-installed of DefenseLite polycarbonate window glazing security products in the Portland area. We’ve worked with individual store owners, Amazon hubs, and Multnomah County government buildings.

Installing polycarbonate security glazing involves several steps, ensuring proper placement and maximum security reinforcement. There is no one size fits all for polycarbonate security glazing, so each pane needs to be measured for the perfect fit.

These products don’t actually even touch the existing windows. So if there is any damage to the polycarbonate, your windows will remain untouched. They are attached to the window’s pane, about an inch in front, so any fluctuations remain a safe distance away from the breakable glass.

The construction of the security glazing is such that there is a little “give” when hit, giving it a real bend-but-don’t-break durability. Truly, if smashing a window is a crime of the moment, vandals will need several moments to get anywhere near breaking through.

Professional installation ensures precision and adherence to safety standards. Correctly installed polycarbonate security glazing provides a strong barrier, offering enhanced security and protection against various threats while maintaining visibility and functionality.

Use Polycarbonate Security Glazing to Protect Staff, Clients

We can understand how jarring it must be to have something thrown through a window all of a sudden during a busy work day. Not only does it break the relative calm of an office environment, but the broken glass itself can be a safety hazard to your employees and customers alike.

With resistant polycarbonate security glazing, you may not be able to brace yourself for the out-of-nowhere sound of a projectile hitting the outside of your building, but you’ll be safe from shattered glass that otherwise could have been sprayed all over the room.

This can give you time to secure the doors and wait for help to arrive. This type of glazing acts as a protective barrier, fortifying vulnerable entry points against intrusion, weather-related damage, and any other potential threats. Its blend of strength, durability, and versatility makes it a preferred choice where security is paramount, offering peace of mind while maintaining a balance between safety and functionality.

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