Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Films Offer Creative Solutions

Did you know that window film can be made to look like decorative glass? Pacific Window Tinting can design and install film that looks like etched, stained or frosted glass. The windows in your home can feature images from nature, pop-art inspired graphics or subtle geometric patterns.


What Are the Advantages of Decorative Film?

Window tinting provides heat and glare relief. It protects eyes, skin and furnishings from the damaging effects of too much sun. But window film is more than just a way to save energy and money. When you choose a film that’s been enhanced with distinctive designs, your windows are elevated from simply functional to stunningly stylish.

Pacific Window Tinting has a great selection of films, in various colors and designs. Custom designs are also available. Nearly anything you can visualize, our talented and experienced designers can reproduce on our plotter.


Where Can Decorative Film Be Installed?

Window film can be applied on interior or exterior windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. It will adhere to nearly any nonporous material.

Here are a few of places you might want to install decorative film:

Windows That Need a Style Upgrade

Do you have a room with an abundance of windows? Perhaps you’d like to add artistry and interest to the unbroken field of clear glass. Imagine the morning sun streaming through a window filled with a mosaic of gemstone colors or year-round blooms.

We can create stunning, artistic designs for any window in your home. Whether you want a low-key monochrome film for a kitchen window or an eye-popping image for an interior glass wall, we can design the perfect film for you. And don’t forget shower stalls. Many master suites have an open-concept design. Decorative film on glass shower doors gives you a bit more privacy while retaining the style of your suite.

Rooms That Require Security

Are there rooms in your home that you’d like to protect from the eyes of potential thieves? Perhaps you have a home theater, run a business out of your house or simply don’t like the idea of your family being in full view of anyone outside your home.

Decorative window film provides a practical and attractive screen for your valuables and loved ones. Frosted or etched-glass effects look great on garage door windows, in home offices and in many other areas of a house. To really step up security, Pacific Window Tinting also offers film that can protect against graffiti and breakage.

Areas Where You Need More Privacy

If the windows in your entryway are clear, you can protect your family’s privacy by installing window film. Film can mimic the look of the decorative glass that often graces the windows in high-end homes.

Replacing window panes is expensive. Film is an affordable way to add both beauty and privacy to your home. These types of films are functional for many areas of a house, including bathrooms, bedrooms and family rooms. Install window film anywhere you want to keep natural light while blocking unwanted gazes.

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