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There are many residential uses for window tinting, both in the terms of privacy, security, and even protection from potentially harmful UV rays. While that also applies to commercial window film, there are a few added bonuses for your office front, retail store, restaurant, or other business endeavors.

Depend on walk-up traffic for your business? Why not catch the eye of potential clients with an attractive sign that’s nearly as big as your front window? Pacific Window Tinting will take your design (or create one for you) and instantly turn it into a massive calling card.

Interior Lobbies
Add a touch of stylized elegance to your lobby with distinct designs that can be installed in a single day. Decorative window film may also obscure windows leading into offices to provide privacy for your employees.

Conference Rooms
Blinds, curtains, and other window coverings are pretty standard – if not dated – ways to create a sense of privacy when having important client meetings in an office or board room discussions. By adding colorful, unique, or frosted interior commercial window tinting, you’ll never have to worry about closing the drapes again.

Other Uses
Label Conference Rooms
Blackout Films
Reflective Window Films
Security Window Film

Other Advantages of Commercial Window Film

In addition to putting your best foot forward, adding a touch of elegance to your lobby, or providing privacy to offices and conference rooms, solar window film also provides help with the bottom line of your business. Adding shading or reflective tinting to the exterior windows can actually help reduce the amounts of heat coming into your office. This will help with the energy savings of your building.

Even though natural light will still enter the building, the heat from the sun’s rays can be reflected away. This will reduce the amount of energy used for air conditioning, saving you money almost every day the sun is shining. By reducing the UV rays entering your office spaces, flooring and upholstery will also be provided a measure of protection against fading and other damage.

Take a look at our client portfolio to see how easily you can give the interior and exterior of your commercial business a facelift. If it can be designed, we can turn it into window tinting or film that will also help protect the windows underneath. To learn more about past projects, feel free to reach out.

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