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What Does Window Film Look Like On Your Window?

Window film can look like clear glass or a work of art. It’s understated when treated with light tints and reflective finishes. It can be emblazoned with images, text and company logos. Window tinting is versatile. Whatever your aesthetics, there’s a film to match it.

Pacific Window Tinting has been serving the Portland area since 1998. We offer a full selection of Panorama Solar films. Call us at 503.736.9000 for more information on any of our products, including our custom decorative films.

Sample the Benefits

Seeing is believing. If you’re not sure if window film is right for you, call us and we’ll send you samples. You can compare and contrast the selection of films, from clear to tinted. Try a film on for size by holding it to your window.

Nothing Between You and the View

If you prefer the look of clear glass, try the Hilite series of films. These products offer protection from ultraviolet rays. They reduce solar heat and eliminate hot spots that develop from sunny southern-facing windows.

Another nearly invisible film is Graffitigard. This film protects windows, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces from damage. While Graffitigard is thin and clear, it’s strong. If vandals strike, the film takes the brunt of the scratching and painting. The film can be quickly switched out and, when compared to the cost of replacing an entire damaged window, it is an inexpensive option to protect your property.

Enhance Privacy

Reflective finishes can be subtle or dramatic. The Sterling series of films come in a range of tints. Choose from pale to dark. These films reflect light when seen from outside, but the view from inside is unobstructed. Some tints are barely discernible. Like our others films, they admit light while deflecting solar heat and shielding from ultraviolet rays.

The Dual Reflective Panorama Slate series is a good choice if you want daytime privacy. During daylight hours passers-by will see a reflection, and not inside. From inside, day or night, the view to the outside is clear. These films shield your interior from solar heat, ultraviolet rays and unwanted gazes.

Clear Advantages

Panorama solar window film is a high-performance product. This film blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and 70 percent of solar heat. With window film installed, you and your belongings are protected from the damaging rays of the sun. You can even lower your energy bills because window film keeps sunny rooms cooler.

Beautiful Results

Our technicians are experienced and professional. When we install window film in your home or business, you get a flawless application. You’ll never see a wrinkle or bubble. We stand behind our work and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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