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The perfect combination of beauty and security, appearance and safety, Pacific Window Tinting has films that can be used at home or at work. Fill out the form below for more information or to get a free estimate for our window tinting, security films, and other architectural finishes.

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Commercial Window Tinting

Window tinting will bring an air of elegance to your office while providing protection from UV rays and potentially illegal acts. Our window tints prevent outsiders from seeing what’s happening inside your office, and our films are designed to keep your windows from shattering all over the place if there is an issue.

Our films can also be designed as signage. By applying your logo and other custom imagery, you’ll make your business more attractive to passersby. Our films can also be used on interior glass (conference rooms, offices) to provide privacy with a little bit (or a lot!) of flair.

During times of unrest, Pacific Window Tinting offers an incredible layer of protection for your business: the DefenseLite Security Shield. Installed in the window frame, this heavy-duty guard is built to withstand bricks, hammers, and other objects that would otherwise smash through your windows with ease.

In fact, the DefenseLite Security Shield has been proven to stand up to 45 minutes of constant attack. Because vandalism is often an “at the moment” crime, most will move on after a few minutes. If you have five, ten, or more windows, this product can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Residential Window Tinting

We also have a wide variety of options for residential properties. With more and more people working from home, it’s nice to have the same security that you had in the office. With residential window tinting, potential thieves won’t be able to see in and will move on.

Pacific Window Tinting also offers Armorcoat Safety and Security films for those times when burglars do try to break in. By holding the window together when hit by an object, entering your home becomes that much harder. Thieves like to get in and get out–Armorcoat makes that proposition that much more difficult.

But it also protects your family when the damage to your windows is accidental. An errant throw of a baseball or a fallen tree branch during a storm can do some damage, but with our window films, you won’t have to be dealing with shards of glass everywhere. In some cases, the broken window may even stay in place!

Our window tints also protect the interior of your home as well. By reflecting harmful UV rays, you won’t have to worry about furniture, flooring, artwork, or other belongings fading over time. Pacific Window Tinting films also add a layer of protection for your skin as well and can help with cooling bills during the warmer months, too!

Fill out the form to learn more about our products. We look forward to hearing about your project and providing the perfect product to get the job done at a competitive price.