Solar Energy & Efficiency

Using solar window film is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs

A sustainable way to make your building more energy Efficient!


Panorama solar films can reject up to 77% of the sun’s solar energy. This not only helps reduce your energy consumption, it makes your entire building more comfortable. By controlling the solar heat gain, you help balance your building (have even temperatures throughout your building). No more hot spots for the building occupants. Plus, since you’ve controlled the solar heat gain, you’ve reduced the cooling load for your HVAC equipment. Allowing your HVAC equipment to not work as hard – resulting in both less energy consumption and having your expensive HVAC equipment last longer.

With all of the computers, printers, copiers and other office equipment being used in today’s office environment, there is plenty of heat being generated. While you can’t do much about the heat this equipment produces, with Solar films you can control the heat from the sun!

Energy Analysis

Contact us for a FREE building energy analysis. Pacific Window Tinting has several computer programs approved by the Department of Energy. These programs evaluate things like your buildings exposure, square feet of glass, type of glass – then, this computer program will project future energy savings based upon the solar film selected.

Once the projected energy savings are calculated, the program takes the energy rates and the cost of the film installation to establish your buildings Return on Investment. These computer programs and projected Return on Investment are approved by the Department of Energy.

In some cases, these approved programs can be used to qualify for various Federal and State incentive programs. We can assist you in this process.

LEED Certified Buildings – if you’re looking to qualify your building as LEED certified, window film is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your existing windows. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows, not to mention the convenience and lack of interruption to your occupants. This allows you more funds to use in other energy savings alternatives.  Plus, Beakart Specialty films are made here in America in a CARBON NEGATIVE, LEED CERTIFIED office and plant.

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