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An open sign hangs in a store window to help illustrate What is polycarbonate security glass.

What is polycarbonate security glass

In times of unrest–especially in downtown Portland–you have to think about what’s best for your people, your business, and your facility. When protests turn unruly for whatever reason, you want to be sure your employees and customers aren’t caught in the crossfire of broken glass when someone goes a little too far. This is where…

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A gathering crowd reflected in a glass door to illustrate DefenseLite window film.

DefenseLite Window Film

During the past few years, Rose City has seen its share of protests, unrest, and broken windows. While downtown Portland merchants are a resilient bunch, constantly replacing broken windows is a pain in the neck, not to mention expensive. DefenseLite Window Film is a near-unbreakable product that will help you save on those costly cleanups….

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All about solar control film

Window film as clear as glass? That’s right: it exists. Solar control window tinting is incredibly versatile and effective in keeping your home or commercial space comfortable, protected, and beautiful. By allowing natural light to flood the room, but keeping UV rays in check, you’ll get the best of both worlds! What is Solar Control…

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