Safety & Security

Armorcoat Safety & Security Film – Added protection for your family.

Protect your family!

Pacific Window Tinting is the area’s exclusive dealer of Armorcoat Safety & Security films. Armorcoat is the world’s most respected name in security films and is used in thousands of federal buildings and military bases around the world.

If Armorcoat can protect the Pentagon, it can protect your home!

Why would you need this kind of protection for your home? You tell me, what is the most important thing in your life…YOUR FAMILY!

This is a clear film that is installed directly onto your windows. Once installed, it makes your windows almost impenetrable. Here’s a few ways Armorcoat could be used to protect your home:

  • Keep thieves from breaking a window and entering your home.
  • Protect patio doors from breaking and injuring children at play
  • Golf balls or the neighbor kids baseball from flying through your window
  • Flying shards of glass during an earthquake

Let Pacific Window Tinting show you how Armorcoat can protect your family!

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