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Armorcoat Safety & Security Film – Added protection for your family.

Protect your family!

Pacific Window Tinting is the area’s exclusive dealer of Armorcoat Safety & Security films. Armorcoat is the world’s most respected name in security films and is used in thousands of federal buildings and military bases around the world. If Armorcoat can protect the Pentagon, it can protect your home!

Keep your windows and house safe with window security film

Why would you need this kind of protection for your home? You tell me, what is the most important thing in your life…YOUR FAMILY! This is a clear film that is installed directly onto your windows. Once installed, it makes your windows almost impenetrable.

Here are a few ways Armorcoat could be used to protect your home:

  • Slows/Deters thieves from breaking and entering your home.
  • Protect patio doors from breaking and injuring children at play
  • Golf balls or the neighbor kids baseball from flying through your window
  • Flying shards of glass during an earthquake

Security window films go beyond acting as a deterrent for potential thieves, however. In the Pacific Northwest, we get true four-season weather and the occasional natural disaster. This means the occasional storm that brings high winds, triple-digit weather, and freezing temperatures.

This could lead to debris blowing into a window, a skylight cracking due to heat, or tree branches cracking and falling through a window. If something does cause your window to break, you won’t need to worry about shards of glass or a big clean-up job.

The thicker films will hold the broken glass together to make picking up the mess that much easier. So instead of flying glass getting everywhere, everything can be held together by the adhesive protective film. And you won’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on razor-sharp bits and pieces of shattered glass.

Window film installation will also help keep things safe from the occasional errant throw when playing catch in the backyard with the kids. Window film can be applied to all glass windows, including sliding glass doors, glass shower doors, and even mirrors!

Privacy Tinting

A big part of security is privacy – if crooks don’t know what’s in your home, they won’t take the risk of breaking in? Installing security window film with tinting will ensure your belongings can’t be seen from the street or even closer in some cases. This can be especially important if you work from home and have important client information.

Window tinting can also protect your furniture, flooring, and other surfaces from fading over time. By blocking the UV rays of the sun, window tinting can also help with sun control and cooling costs in the summer. Depending on the level of tinting, you’ll still be able to get some of the natural light into your home during the day.

Work with window security film professionals

For more than two decades, Pacific Window Tinting has been providing window security film installation for homes, businesses, and other facilities. With professional installation, you won’t have to worry about those air bubbles that ruin the appearance and decrease the effectiveness of the product.

In addition to security window film, we also provide custom graphics, graffiti protection, and glare control window films. Designed films can be applied to almost any smooth, flat surface to improve the aesthetics of your lobby, waiting rooms, or even your home.

Why spend more to add etching to your windows or get specially made glass for your home or business? Let Pacific Window Tinting show you how Armorcoat can protect your family! We’ll install the film or window tint you need to provide an extra layer of protection and elegance to your windows.

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