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Decorative Window Film

Window film or tinted windows have a great many benefits, including privacy, security, safety, and window protection. But that doesn’t mean frost window film or other window treatments can’t be attractive, too. Decorative window film can give the appearance of etched glass, stained glass windows, and other creative glass surfaces but at a much cheaper price.

Window film is often used for reducing glare while still allowing natural light to flood a home, business, or other structure. The translucent film filters light, blocking harmful UV rays that can damage flooring, furniture, and even human skin with enough exposure.

Used in homes, offices, business parks, medical clinics, and many other places, window film provides a quick way to add a bit of flair. Consider tinted windows like one big window decal, using adhesive film to stick to smooth glass. While still effective, decorative window film doesn’t work as well on glass that is already etched.

While smaller decals are easy to apply, there is a bit of skill involved when applying large, artistic pieces. When it comes to the look of your office or your home, window films are a little more involved than other DIY projects. If you do it yourself, you may void any manufacturer warranties, too.

Types of Decorative Window Films

As you can see from above, there really are no limits to what your film can look like. From a single line that adds visual interest to a window to a complete haze that obscures the ability to look into a conference room. Random objects, company logos, stylized nature scenes, signage, and other designs are possible with Pacific Window Tinting.

We can easily apply colors to decorative window films, too. What better way to introduce yourself to the general public than a full-color logo emblazoned on your front doors or street-facing windows? Want to keep it easy with a simple, classic, but elegant tint? We can help you find the right percentage for your purposes.

With Pacific Window Tint’s hassle-free installations, you’ll be able to transform both the exterior and interior windows of your workspace, add decorative frosting to your glass shower doors at home, and even add a layer of safety. If your glass breaks, the film will keep pieces in place instead of falling all over.

If the film itself gets damaged or gets tagged by graffiti artists, the film can be easily removed and replaced. This is a much easier and faster way to take care of windows that have been marred. Decorative window film can otherwise be cleaned and maintained like normal glass.

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Pacific Window Tint has the experience, the tools, and the resources to improve the look of your home or office while providing measures of privacy, safety, and security. For more than two decades, we’ve been offering superior products and excellent customer service. Looking for an immediate upgrade to your “curb appeal?” Contact Pacific Window Tint today.

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