Graffiti Protection Film

Graffiti Gard – Protect your glass instead of having to replace it.

Don’t let vandals ruin your property. Safeguard your space.


Graffiti Gard Protective Film

Vandalism costs businesses and homeowners millions of dollars every year. It turns away shoppers, discourages tourists, and attracts more vandals and criminals. It can intimidate neighbors and lower property values. It doesn’t matter if your property is in the heart of Portland or out in the suburbs, vandals look for new places to scrawl their signatures.

Are you tired of repainting and repairing your property? There’s a better way. Graffiti Gard film prevents damage caused by vandals and accidents. This innovative protective film is clear, durable, and removable. It acts as a defensive shield between vandals and the surfaces they want to damage.

Graffiti Gard protects the interior and exterior glass, windows, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces such as marble and stainless steel. Apply this nearly invisible film inside your commercial building or outdoor windows and surfaces. You can protect elevators, restroom mirrors, and stalls and display windows. Graffiti Gard can be placed on any suitable surface that vandals target.

What does it protect against?

Graffiti Gard is clear and nearly undetectable. It won’t detract from the appearance of your windows or other property. The film can be applied directly to almost any non-porous surface. It instantly protects against paint, marking pens, scratches, acid, and many other types of vandalism.

What happens if my space with Graffiti Gard gets damaged?

If the space with Graffiti Gard is damaged – either intentionally through vandalism or because of an accident – the solution is quick and straightforward. The film, along with the graffiti, can easily be removed. A new film can be installed at an affordable price. Adding a new layer of Graffiti Gard film is far less expensive than replacing a whole window or repainting an area.

Graffiti Gard discourages vandals from revisiting your property because you can promptly remove any signs of their work. Don’t let anyone ruin the appearance of your home or business. Guard your area with this specially formulated protective film.

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