Residential Home Window Tinting

You purchase a home because of that stunning view and that open feel of all of those windows! So, why have to close the curtains and not get to enjoy it because of what the sun will do to carpets, rugs, furniture, and more? Window tinting will increase the comfort of your home while protecting your furnishings.

Panorama residential window film lets you enjoy your view! Decorative window film works on all types of windows, whether brand new insulated glass windows or wood-framed older windows. In addition to adding a touch of curb appeal, our types of window films offer energy efficiency, safety, and security to your house windows.

Panorama solar films are industry leaders. Modern technology lets you enjoy the benefits of heat rejection with a film so light in color, you won’t even notice it’s there. Yet, it will be there every day – saving you on your energy bills!

Heat relief: The Pacific Northwest definitely has beautiful summer months. But, with the summer weather comes heat. Thankfully, solar films can help reject excess heat in your home and help you balance out the temperatures throughout your house. By blocking UV rays, the heat stays on the outside.

Installing window film solutions means you won’t need to continually turn your thermostat down or freeze out part of your house just to cool down those really warm rooms. Window tint dramatically reduces solar heat gain, allowing your entire home to be more comfortable.

Reduced Fading: Your home is decorated how you want it and over time, you begin to fill your home with things that are valuable and meaningful to you. It is never fun to see them get damaged by the negative effects of fading.

Solar window tinting blocks 99% of the ultraviolet rays which is the single biggest cause of fading. While we can’t stop fading entirely, and we definitely can’t keep the beautiful sun from shining, we can help you keep the interior of your home looking new!

Home window tinting has many other benefits

Reducing Glare: Tired of watching television after a long day at work, but seeing the glare of the window behind you? Residential window tinting will help reduce glare and give you the full view inside your home that you want without unwanted brightness.

Decorative films: Do you have a unique sense of style that you want to express? Add some pizzazz to your home with decorative films. We have a variety of options to tint your windows that can make your space pop with color and a design that you love.

Improved safety and security film: We recognize that you and your family’s safety is one of your highest priorities. That’s why we recommend window film for an added layer of security! It helps reinforce window glass, making it harder for intruders to shatter the glass.

Not to mention, it also protects from weather. Strong wind or rainstorms can blow debris or other unwanted material at your window. Window film can help protect your space from being negatively impacted by stormy Pacific Northwest weather that seems to change on a daily basis.

Afraid window tinting is too dark, like on cars? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Today’s residential films are so light in color, you won’t even know they are there! So, what are you waiting for – contact us today about getting a window film installed around your home.

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