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Beat the HEAT with Panorama Solar Window Films!

Today’s homes are designed to utilize natural light from all exposures, but the sun’s rays can actually cause damage to your belongings. Window Film can remove virtually all (99%) of the harmful UV rays, thus reducing fading. Window film for heat control can also provide home heat relief by removing up to 70% of the heat coming through the glass as well as reduce glare.

Window film will protect the interior of the home, limiting sun fading of furniture and interior wood, improving comfort and safety, and adding privacy. It will also enhance the exterior of the home–but reducing cooling costs by using window film for heat control may be the most beneficial aspect of the product!

Do you want to control the heat? Window film for heat control can block the heat coming from the sun, giving your air conditioner a break during those brutal summer days. Your heating and cooling system already uses a lot of electricity–heat control window films will make your home more efficient.

You will save on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable with Pacific Window Tinting residential window tinting. In the Pacific Northwest, we can move from cloudy to sunny to overcast throughout the day. Window tinting will help keep your home at a constant temp while still allowing all the great natural light to enter the home.

Panorama Solar Films for Home Heat Relief

For many homes, there are just certain areas that are a problem – usually that southern or western exposure. Those rooms get so hot from solar energy that they almost become unusable. In order to cool off those rooms, you may have to turn the thermostat down so far that you freeze in the rest of your house. NOT ANYMORE!

Panorama solar films are the perfect solution. Made from an optical grade film and so light in color, that you’ll hardly even know it’s there. This film is so effective that as much as 70% of the sun’s heat can be rejected. This allows you to reduce heat in those problem rooms and lets you balance out the temperatures in the rest of the house.

Besides making your house more comfortable, you will also be saving money on your energy bills. You’ll no longer need to run the air conditioning at full tilt to keep rooms cool! Plus, since Panorama solar films block 99% of the ultraviolet rays, you will be protecting your furnishings from fading.

Other Advantages of Window Film for Heat Control

With more and more people working remotely, having a comfortable home office or area is an absolute must. And while Pacific Window Tinting products will keep temperatures more steady, it’s also a great option for a bit of added security and/or privacy.

You may be working with sensitive materials or customer information from your home. Window tint will obscure the view from outside looky-loos that may be wondering if you have anything of value in your home. Unless thieves know what they’re getting into, so they’ll usually pass on the unknown. That’s good for your work and your personal belongings!

Pacific Window Tinting products also offer additional safety measures for your home. Whether it’s kids playing ball, a strong storm, or other debris that goes flying while mowing the yard, a shattered window can be a dangerous mess to clean up.

With our adhesive tinting, if a baseball or a wind-blown tree branch does crash into the window, the film will help keep the shattered pieces together. This makes for a much easier–and safer–pick-up process. You won’t have to worry about discovering a missed shard at a later date by stepping on it with your bare feet. Ouch!

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Pacific Window Tinting has been providing homes with heat relief, glare reduction, increased privacy, and improved safety for more than two decades! From large adhesive window tints to smaller decorative films, our crews are experienced and efficient. And we know you’ll be impressed with our attention to detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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