Anti-Graffiti Window Film

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Damaged window film being removed from window

You work hard to keep your business looking clean, inviting, and professional. But nothing ruins the look of your office faster than a vandal coming along and defacing your windows with a few cans of spray paint. It’s unsightly, a real pain in the neck to remove, or can cost you a lot of money to have some else remove.

If left unaddressed, it could attract other taggers to join in. It can be a costly and never-ending process. Worst of all, it will take away from your business or discourage potential clients and customers. If you have an acid etch logo on your window, the cleanup can be that much more difficult.

Graffiti Gard Protective Film

The addition of anti-graffiti film to your windows can take care of these issues in a matter of hours. Graffiti Gard film prevents long-lasting damage to your windows by providing a nearly invisible layer of protection to the glass itself. Paint, ink, and other tagger tools never come into contact with the window itself.

When working with professionals, film installations are fast and cost-effectively protect your investment without disrupting the natural light that floods your offices. Graffiti Gard film offers a level of protection to your windows and other smooth, non-porous surfaces against marks, scratches, and other accidents as well.

As a building owner or manager, how much time and money are spent cleaning up the work of vandals on the interior of your building? Elevator doors or panels, interior windows, interior facades, bathroom mirrors, and other inviting surfaces? With Graffiti Gard, the damage can be addressed in a matter of minutes.

Can window film stop graffiti?

In a word: no. At least not directly. However, anti-graffiti window film does make it so you can clean up the tagging much faster. Once marked, the window film can be quickly removed and replaced with no damage whatsoever to the window.

Although it would be nice if they chose a canvas other than your storefront or windows, many graffiti artists take pride in their work. If it is immediately taken down, it will discourage them from returning. Why take the time to do all that work if it’s only going to be removed in short order?

There are other steps building owners can take to prevent graffiti, such as making it harder to reach the window or installing lights so graffiti artists can’t operate under the cover of darkness. They also like a clean slate to work with – consider adding designs to your window film. Taggers may just move on to another canvas.

Work With The Pros

We have been protecting windows in the Portland-metro area for decades, as well as providing custom films and tints to improve their “curb appeal.” In addition to window film protection, our tints can offer a level of security while still allowing plenty of natural light in.

We offer the same level of service for residential applications as well. With so many people working from home, residential window tinting can provide a level of privacy without having to keep the blinds or curtains closed 24-7. Our products also repel harmful UV rays from entering the home, protecting you, your furniture, floor coverings, and other belongings.

Wondering if Pacific Window Tinting can help the aesthetics of your home or business while adding a level of protecting? Feel free to reach out and ask! We’ve worked with homeowners, business owners, commercial property managers, and universities. We’re sure to have a ready-made solution for you too!