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History of Window Tint And Today’s Modern Tinting

The first window tinting projects were completed around the beginning of World War II by a company that manufactured tint films. But the history of window tint really takes off in later years. Window tinting can be installed on the outside or inside of glass windows, either on vehicles or in homes. Many people tried to replicate the tints at home using their own methods, but the result was often window tints that were uneven and inconsistent. The first official window dye-based tint was invented in 1966 and it was used in car windows. Because it was difficult to control the heat of car interiors, the window tinting often bubbled and peeled away easily. Sun heat, harmful UV rays, and solar radiation would cause problems with early tints. After some refining, metallic window films were created in the 1990s, which used a metallic mixture with the dye. This product was stronger and was able to resist heat better, resulting in better solar control. Today, window film is very versatile and can look like clear glass. Or you can design it with images or a company logo for your home or commercial building. Your Window Tinting Options Panorama Solar films offer superior protection from 99% of ultraviolet rays, reducing solar heat by 70% and eliminating hot spots that come from sunny windows. Our Hilite or Slate series of films come in a variety of different tint options, so you can find one that fits your specific requirements. We also offer Graffitigard, which is a Read more [...] Continue Reading
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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

Window tinting is an extraordinarily cost-effective home improvement project. Many people want to know how much window tinting costs. The truth of the matter: Tinted windows are an affordable addition to any home or business. And the money saved in energy costs more than makes up for the price of installation. We provide free estimates, so we ask that you fill out a request-for-estimate form, and we will contact you. There are far too many variables in play to know how much your particular tinging job will cost. Typically, jobs are priced according to square footage, which in the Portland area averages between $5 and $8 per square foot. NOTE: This is just an estimate from HomeGuide.com; this average cost does not necessarily reflect our prices or the cost of your particular tinting job. We provide this for informational purposes only since it might be helpful to have a ballpark figure available for those of you searching for pricing info. Again, we recommend filling out our free request form! We provide a range of professional tinting services and professional installation of many types of tint films. Window Tinting in Portland At Pacific Window Tinting, we offer a complete line of window films, including: Panorama window films Armorcoat safety and security films Graffiti Gard anti-graffiti films Decorative and design products And it’s more than just tinting. We also provide affordable ways to enhance the look and feel of your building. Our Read more [...] Continue Reading

How to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk With Window Film

Ultraviolet light ages skin, damages eyes and is linked to about 90 percent of skin cancers. Most people know they should wear sun protection outdoors. When we're indoors, however, what's the best way to protect against sun damage? Ultraviolet light shines through glass, reaching people at work and home. But who wants to wear a hat and sunglasses when they’re sitting on the couch? Tinted window film blocks ultraviolet rays, up to 99 percent of them. It's an effective and affordable way to retrofit windows in both businesses and homes. Why Use Window Film to Block UV Light? Standard windows in homes and businesses don't offer full protection from UV light. Glass filters UVB light, but it won't protect against UVA light. Our solar films keep out up to 99 percent of UV rays. Unlike drapes or blinds, tinted film won't block the view. Most people appreciate good lighting. Particularly in Portland, where winters are gray, people crave the natural light provided by a window seat. But if your desk at work or your favorite chair at home is next to a window, your daily dose of sunlight may be harming your skin. Tinted window film protects from the cumulative damage of ultraviolet light. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancers and signs of aging. UV light will find you whether you're indoors or outside, whether it's the middle of summer or during the dark days of winter. Protection from UV rays is particularly important for those who are sensitive to light because Read more [...] Continue Reading

Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

Portland landlords aren’t exactly hard-pressed to find tenants. If you rent homes or apartments in the city, you may feel like prospective tenants are knocking down your door. While there’s no lack of renters in the Rose City, improving the condition and appeal of your properties may help you attract the type of occupant you desire. Renters who are happy with their homes are more likely to stick around, take good care of their unit and pay rent on time. All of that means you’ll be a happier and more prosperous landlord. Even if it’s easy to get renters, the process of finding a new tenant isn’t exactly stress-free. Besides, providing a clean, well-kept home for residents can be a point of pride for you. Make Your Rental Property More Appealing 1. A fair price: Nothing’s more appealing to a renter than a fair price. Research similar properties in the area and set a reasonable rate. Charging too much could lead your tenant to move prematurely. Charging too little doesn’t make business sense for you. 2. Make it energy efficient: Portland is a green city. Chances are your prospective tenants feel a responsibility to conserve energy. They’ll also find the prospect of lower energy bills highly attractive. Seal air leaks and add insulation. Upgrade to water-saving plumbing fixtures and efficient appliances. Install window film on southern-facing windows, skylights or windows that tend to get a lot of sun. 3. Clean and make repairs: Before showing a place, make Read more [...] Continue Reading

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