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How to Choose Commercial Window Film

Windows are often what customers first see when they look at your establishment. Big, bright windows create an open and welcoming image. But those same windows can create problems. Glare, heat, UV damage and vulnerability to thieves and vandals are some of the downsides of large windows. Commercial window tinting can help. Window film helps you save money by reducing hot spots and glare. It can also slow burglars and thwart vandals. Energy-Saving Benefits Businesses often consider installing window tinting to help save energy. Window film reduces the heat that enters through windows keeping your interior cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning. You'll save on energy costs while reducing wear on your HVAC system. Employees will feel better when hot spots from southern-facing windows are eliminated. Savings can be substantial and we can help you calculate the potential financial gains. Learn more by requesting an energy assessment. How Much UV Protection Do You Need? Even in cloudy Portland, the sun's rays can fade your furnishings. Sunlight damages floors, furniture, merchandise and equipment. Window film helps preserve the value of your property. More importantly, film can help protects people's’ health. You don't need to be sunbathing to experience the damaging effects of too much sun. Window film is available in various strengths of UV protection.  Learn more about window film's power to protect against the sun. Does Your Business Require Privacy? If Read more [...] Continue Reading

Protect Your Business from Graffiti Vandals

Graffiti is more than an eyesore. It costs businesses thousands of dollars each year. Repeated removal and repairs are expensive, but that’s just for starters. Graffiti has an additional cost. The offensive words and images characteristic of graffiti damage a company’s image. Even benign messages give buildings an unkempt and uncared for look. The best way to deal with graffiti is to make sure it doesn’t happen. While there are no sure-fire methods of prevention, there are several ways to discourage vandals from targeting your property. Protect Your Business from Graffiti Vandals Many experts recommend combining a number of deterrents to keep your windows and walls free from neighborhood “artists.” Use two or more of these methods to frustrate would-be taggers: Apply a sacrificial layer: Graffiti Gard protects windows and other non-porous services. This film is virtually invisible. We’ll install it on interior or exterior windows. We can also apply it inside elevators, in restrooms and on mirrors. Graffiti Gard save surfaces from paint, scratches, marking pens and acid. If the film is damaged, it’s easily removed and replaced. Installing a new layer of film is much less expensive than repairing a wall or replacing a window or mirror. Add lighting: Vandals work under cover of darkness. Make sure the exterior of your property is well lit. You can install motion-activated lights, but in vulnerable areas, it’s better to have a steady stream of illumination. Read more [...] Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prevent Home Break-Ins

Clever, determined thieves can outwit nearly any security system. But crooks nearly always opt for the path of least resistance. What does that mean? If your home is unprotected, it looks like easy pickings compared to your neighbors’ well-secured home. There are many ways to stop, or at least slow, a burglar. Use several methods in conjunction for greater protection. 5 Ways to Prevent Home Break-Ins Window film: Thieves often enter a home by breaking a window. Security film makes it difficult to break glass. It protects windows from burglars, stray baseballs and high winds. Armorcoat, a clear security film, is applied directly to windows. It’s the brand used in federal buildings and military bases across the country. Security film prevents smash-and-grab thefts. If glass does break, the film remains intact, preventing shards from flying and further slowing bad guys. Home-security system: Home-security companies charge a one-time installation fee. After the system is installed, the company monitors a residence whether you’re at home or away. These systems may include checking for smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. If an alarm is triggered, the company will call the police or fire department. Be sure to post signs announcing your home is protected by a security system. The sign alone may keep burglars from targeting you. Wireless cameras: If you’re not ready to sign on with a monitoring service, you can still keep an eye, albeit a remote one, on your Read more [...] Continue Reading

What Does Window Film Look Like?

Do you want the benefits of window film but worry your windows will look dark? Window film has come a long way. Today’s clear films are nearly undetectable and will not obscure your view. Window film blocks glare, UV rays and solar heat while allowing in natural light. Pacific Window Tinting offers several types of film. Our selection of high-performance Panorama Solar films is available in clear to shaded options. Call us at 503.736.9000 for an estimate, and we’ll help you choose the right product for your Portland-area home or business. Window film has a host of benefits, from saving energy on air conditioning to saving money on graffiti removal. Fortunately, these advantages don’t come at the expense of aesthetic appeal. Clear Benefits of Window Film Panorama Hilite films are the right choice if you like the look of clear glass. These films protect you and your belongings from UV rays, reduce solar heat and lower cooling costs. These films are nearly invisible. Graffitigard is another virtually undetectable film. This film can be installed on a wide variety of non-porous surfaces. It leaves your windows clear while it protects against scratches, paint and other types of damage. It’s easily replaced if vandals strike. Installing a new layer of film is more affordable than replacing glass. Power of Reflection Panorama Sterling film has a subtle reflective finish when viewed from the outside. This reflectivity enhances privacy without blocking the view. These Read more [...] Continue Reading

Benefits of Security Window Tinting

Reinforcing Your Windows to Protect Your Household While commonly thought of in terms of reducing sunlight, window tints can actually come in completely clear options, and be used to reinforce windows to protect against impact. Shielding Against Neighborhood Accidents Whether you live near Laurelhurst Park or somewhere in Lair Hill, neighborhood accidents can happen. It could be anything from an errant baseball to a fallen tree branch. One of the finest safety and security window films, Armorcoat, can reinforce your windows for shatter-resistance. Additionally, its clear version is entirely invisible, so it will not affect your ability to enjoy the sunlight or leave any glare on your windows. Preventing Burglary Did you know that windows are the second-most common point of entry for burglars to use? Now there is a way to reinforce your windows to help prevent break-ins. Applying a layer of Armorcoat dramatically improves window impact resistance, and can even hold shards in place should a burglar make repeat attempts. Keeping Family Safe in the Event of Oregon Natural Disaster While Portland is for the most part a relatively safe area, there are still some geological hazards worth taking into consideration. The city technically lies within what is referred to by geologists as the “Cascadia Subduction Zone,” an area actually quite prone to earthquake. Should seismic forces shake up your home, you can rest assured that your windows may indeed stay totally intact. Read more [...] Continue Reading

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