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All about solar control film


Window film as clear as glass? That’s right: it exists. Solar control window tinting is incredibly versatile and effective in keeping your home or commercial space comfortable, protected, and beautiful. By allowing natural light to flood the room, but keeping UV rays in check, you’ll get the best of both worlds! What is Solar Control…

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How to Choose Commercial Window Film

choose commercial window film

Windows are often what customers first see when they look at your establishment. Big, bright windows create an open and welcoming image. But those same windows can create problems. Glare, heat, UV damage and vulnerability to thieves and vandals are some of the downsides of large windows. Commercial window tinting can help. Window film helps you…

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What are the Different Types of Window Tint?

what types of window tint are there?

Once you decide to get your windows tinted, it is important to decide on what kind of tinting you want. There are several different kinds of window tinting. Some of the types are more effective than other types of tinting. Therefore, it is important to understand which will work best for what you are attempting…

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How Window Film Protects Office Decor

Custom window film ideas for your business or commercial building

Smart business owners leave nothing to chance. They take control of their services, products and professional image. From the design of a logo to the choice of office decor, you’ve invested time and money ensuring that every detail reflects the company brand. While your company’s decor may not be the heart of your business, customers…

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Does Window Film Make Windows Dark?


Our lightly tinted window films keep glass clear and bright. Panorama Solar window film allows natural light to stream into your home. At the same time, the product blocks heat and ultraviolet rays. While tinted film adds a subtle shading to windows, many films are practically invisible. Film comes in a range of tints and…

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Ways to Protect Eyes From Sun Damage


Exposure to UV radiation can hurt your eyes. The greater the exposure, the more risk you’ll have of developing cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Damage develops over years. Even small exposures may have a cumulative negative effect. The sun produces three types of ultraviolet light. UVA and UVB rays are the types that…

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Avoid a Blinding Work Space with Window Film

blinding work space

Does your office have a view? Is it blessed with an abundance of natural light? Those are things to treasure. Full-time workers spend somewhere around 2,000 hours at work per year. Natural light and open vistas make that time more pleasant and productive. Being awash in light, however, isn’t universally welcome. There are times in…

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What Does Window Film Look Like?

window tint in a commercial building

Do you want the benefits of window film but worry your windows will look dark? Window film has come a long way. Today’s clear films are nearly undetectable and will not obscure your view. Window film blocks glare, UV rays and solar heat while allowing in natural light….

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Should I Choose Blinds or Window Film for Office Privacy?


Looking for a little privacy at work? Considering installing blinds on your windows? Before you draw the curtain on natural light, take a look at window films. Films offer many of the benefits of window coverings while eliminating some of the downsides. An office with a view is a great perk. But sometimes an unobstructed…

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