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Window Tinting Eases the Winter Blues in Portland

Ah, winter in Portland. Our city looks pretty no matter what the weather, but the shorter, colder, darker days can bring on the winter blues. For too many people SAD is more than a state of mind. Season affective disorder (SAD) results in a state of depression for 4 to 6 percent of the population. A further 20 percent deal with a milder form. Spending time in natural light combats the effects of SAD. How Window Tinting Eases the Winter Blues You can increase your exposure to natural light even when you're indoors. Leave the blinds open or take them down. To give yourself privacy and protection from UV light, install residential window tinting or commercial window tinting. People who suffer from SAD report benefits from replacing standard window coverings with window film. It is available in clear and tinted options, as well as reflective finishes. With tinted or reflective window film, you have privacy but don’t suffer from light deprivation. The film lets in natural light, which improves mood and lessens the chance of depression. Pacific Window Tinting can show you the range of window film available. We are happy to answer questions about cost and installation and can send you samples of our products. Spend Time Exercising Regular exercise is a standard prescription for anyone suffering from depression. It has shown benefits for people with SAD. Exercising outdoors in natural light is best. Even in Oregon, there are times when the sun shines a bit. But doing your Read more [...] Continue Reading

How to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk With Window Film

Ultraviolet light ages skin, damages eyes and is linked to about 90 percent of skin cancers. Most people know they should wear sun protection outdoors. When we're indoors, however, what's the best way to protect against sun damage? Ultraviolet light shines through glass, reaching people at work and home. But who wants to wear a hat and sunglasses when they’re sitting on the couch? Tinted window film blocks ultraviolet rays, up to 99 percent of them. It's an effective and affordable way to retrofit windows in both businesses and homes. Why Use Window Film to Block UV Light? Standard windows in homes and businesses don't offer full protection from UV light. Glass filters UVB light, but it won't protect against UVA light. Our solar films keep out up to 99 percent of UV rays. Unlike drapes or blinds, tinted film won't block the view. Most people appreciate good lighting. Particularly in Portland, where winters are gray, people crave the natural light provided by a window seat. But if your desk at work or your favorite chair at home is next to a window, your daily dose of sunlight may be harming your skin. Tinted window film protects from the cumulative damage of ultraviolet light. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancers and signs of aging. UV light will find you whether you're indoors or outside, whether it's the middle of summer or during the dark days of winter. Protection from UV rays is particularly important for those who are sensitive to light because Read more [...] Continue Reading

Ways to Protect Eyes From Sun Damage

Exposure to UV radiation can hurt your eyes. The greater the exposure, the more risk you’ll have of developing cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Damage develops over years. Even small exposures may have a cumulative negative effect. The sun produces three types of ultraviolet light. UVA and UVB rays are the types that can hurt your eyes and skin. Who’s At Risk? Anyone who spends time outdoors is at risk for UV damage. Those who regularly spend many hours outside either for work or for fun, are at a higher risk. People who use sunlamps, indoor tanning beds, weld, work in certain manufacturing or medical fields and those who take medications that increase sun sensitivity could experience damage from UV rays. How You Can Protect Eyes from Sun Damage 1. Install Window Film Did you know that sunlight can damage your eyes even when you’re indoors? Window film blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. When you install window film on a sunny window, your home feels more comfortable, and your eyes are protected. While window film blocks harmful rays, you can still enjoy the natural light from your windows. 2. Wear Sunglasses A good pair of sunglasses is essential to protect eyes from sun damage. The American Optometric Association recommends wearing sunglasses that block 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. You’ll need to keep your sunglasses nearby all year round. Even in cloud-covered Oregon, it’s important to wear eye protection Read more [...] Continue Reading

Protecting Your Furniture from UV Light Damage

When you get new living room furniture, you may find that it is so comfortable and attractive that you want to do everything you can to prolong its life. This includes protecting your furniture from the sun and its harmful UV rays. UV rays have the potential to harm any organic substance. Luckily, there are some great ways to protect your new furniture from UV light damage, which can prematurely age and fade the fabric on your wonderful new couch or chair. Read on for some great tips. Choose a window covering to reduce the UV rays. If you don’t mind reducing the amount of light coming into the house, you can simply choose a light-filtering shade, such as an inexpensive cell shade, which will allow light in your home but still block out the damaging rays. Update the windows themselves. If you are in the market for a more radical change, you can update your windows. Window glass can be made that blocks UV rays while still allowing visible light to come through your home. Laminated glass and UV-blocking coated glass can filter anywhere from 95 to 99% of all UV light. Install window tints or films. If you’d like to block the damaging UV rays while still enjoying the beauty of natural sunlight, protective window film is a better solution. When you use a high-quality window film, your furniture and the other surfaces in your home will not become prematurely faded. The newer window films are less reflective than older styles as well as being optically clear, Read more [...] Continue Reading

Protecting Aging Parents’ Eyes with Window Tinting

Caring for aging parents is challenging enough, but did you know that one of the most overlooked aspects of senior health is eye care? Too much exposure to sunlight doesn’t just increase your odds of sunburns and skin cancer (even indoors), it can also be extremely harmful to your eyes, especially in old age. From cataracts to photokeratitis, macular degeneration, pterygia, and optic syndromes associated with Glaucoma, the damage can be permanent and even lead to vision loss. Ultra Violet Rays and Optical Health UVB rays are one of the leading causes of vision problems (as well as skin cancer and premature aging). UVC rays are also extremely harmful to the eyes, and while UVA rays are less harmful to the skin, they have the unique ability to move through the eye’s cornea and get into the retina and lens. Too much UVA exposure can lead to cataracts and other vision problems. However, recent research has revealed that UVB rays may also be the cause of less common vision issues such as pterygia, a growth on the surface of the eye which can distort your vision. UVB rays can also lead to photokeratitis, which is cornea inflammation or “snow blindness.” Some people report being blind for up to 48 hours—and as an elderly person, this can lead to more falls, trips and broken bones. The cornea can to absorb 100 percent of UVB rays. Fortunately, this type of UV radiation is unlikely to cause conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, and because it cannot Read more [...] Continue Reading

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