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Riots Inspire Demand for Storefront Security Window Film

There has been much civil unrest across the country following the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. People have been protesting, rioting in the streets, and destroying property for several weeks, which has inspired many business owners to install security window film. Film installers in St. Louis have done more work to protect storefronts in the past three months than they have in five years, they say. And in Oakland, where rioting has become practically commonplace, installers have been working around the clock. Windows and other glass installments are a favorite among vandals and looters. They’re a weak point in a building offering maximum destruction and fast access. In fact, reports suggest that 77% of burglaries and robberies involving forced entry occur via a broken window. This is where security window film can help. This type of film is slightly thicker and much tougher than those designed for other purposes. By keeping broken glass in place, security film will delay, deny and dissuade criminals from entering your property. And if they’re persistent, the time it would take them to get through will easily allow for law enforcement to respond. Having security film installed makes your property much more difficult to break into, making it an effective crime prevention measure. While there are other methods you can employ to protect your business (or your home) there are a few specific advantages to applying window film: It’s inexpensive In Read more [...] Continue Reading

Rapid Growth Projected for Solar Window Film Market

Despite somewhat sluggish consumer adoption, a recent report by Lux Research suggests that the global market for solar control window film is set to almost double in the next three years.  What is currently a $479 million dollar industry is projected to reach $863 million by 2018. The environmental revelations of the past twenty years or so have put a harsh spotlight on energy use, especially when it comes to buildings. Commercial and residential buildings in the U.S. are notorious for consuming more energy than any other sector of our economy (the others being transportation and industry), and for years they’ve been pumping out more carbon emissions than buildings in any other country besides China. Needless to say, there’s been a serious push for improved energy efficiency and green building design. One of the biggest reasons buildings use so much energy has to do with controlling the indoor air temperature. Air conditioning uses a ton of electricity, and windows can allow considerable solar heat gain, putting added pressure on HVAC systems. But, green building designers and homeowners alike are learning that solar reflective, low-emissivity window film can be very helpful in regulating indoor temperatures and cutting back on energy use. Big problems, smart solutions. Market Growth Gaining Speed Aside from managing solar heat gain, light transmission and glare have also become focal points as the use of architectural glass has grown worldwide. While there are several Read more [...] Continue Reading

Facility Managers Seeking Green Upgrades

Commercial buildings are the world’s leading energy consumers and are responsible for more than 40 percent of the pollution in the environment. To get this under control, facility managers and property management companies are looking for ways to make their buildings more sustainable.   A building’s energy systems can undergo high-efficiency updates, and the occupants can learn energy-saving behavior, such as unplugging electronics when not in use.  But, another way to reduce energy consumption that many people aren’t aware of is to install solar window film. Solar Window Film For Energy Efficiency By reducing the amount of heat absorbed through the glass, window films such as SolarGard®, and SolarGard® Panorama can help building managers cut back on air conditioning and achieve more responsible energy usage levels. And, the utility rebates one may be eligible for after installation will jump start the savings from day one.   SolarGard® and Panorama® window films are capable of reducing a building’s heat absorption by as much as 82%. This makes the interior environment much cooler and more comfortable, allowing less use of the air conditioner, which is a major contributor to a building’s carbon emissions.   For those building owners and managers trying to earn a certification with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program, SolarGard® products may qualify for credits in multiple categories. Other Read more [...] Continue Reading

Our Own Jared Gray Awarded Panorama Dealer Of The Year

Portland, Ore.— Pacific Window Tinting’s co-owner Jared Gray was recently named the 2012 North American Dealer of the Year by Panorama, Solar Gard’s premium line of window film. The award was given during Solar Gard’s annual National Dealer Meeting in Orlando, Florida in March. This is quite an accomplishment for any dealer, but an especially remarkable achievement for Pacific Window Tinting (PWT) as the Portland area and Northwest region in general is not known for excessive sunlight. “Being situated in the Northwest, it’s difficult to compete with the warmer climates generally in this industry,” said Jared as he spoke with Window Film Magazine, “but I think we are starting to make a difference and raise awareness of the need for window film in colder climates. For me, success comes down to a lot of hard work, passion and always putting the customer first.” Owners David & Genise Vernon and Jared Gray have worked together to build Pacific Window Tinting to a nationally recognized company. David Vernon states “while I’d like to take credit for [the award], it’s really Jared that’s made the difference. It’s his ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, combined with his ability to build a personal relationship with his customers that truly sets us apart from everyone else.” Jared’s level of professionalism is also highly respected. For many years, he has been a member of Solar Gard’s National Dealer Council, a group that helps Read more [...] Continue Reading

Window Tinting Protects downtown properties

While some of our work goes to beautify interior glass with frosted finishes, etched finishes and colored tints, a large proportion of what we do goes unseen.  Much of the time, our crews install window film which protects workers in the event of opportunistic thieves who think to smash through a window, or vandals that throw bricks, rocks, or anything else handy.

Although not common in Portland, vandalism does occur and can cost businesses thousands in glass replacement.  Worse still, there is always to the risk of injury from glass shards, and broken glass pieces.

The recent cases of vandalism that coincided with the Occupy Portland (Occupy Portland vehemently denies involvement in any activity which damaged commercial or personal property) demonstrations serve to demonstrate this clearly.  Broken glass at the Chase Bank Branch and Wells Fargo branch posed a menace to bank staff and customers until it was disposed of and replaced.

Anti- shatter window film is simple to install, invisible to the eye and provides your store front or business with excellent protection from such attacks.   Once installed anti-shatter window film provides 24 hours, 365 days of protection.  Glass may be broken with anti-shatter film, but will remain in place, held securely by the protective film.  This way the glass can be replaced without any mess or risk of cuts or injury.

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