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How We Apply Window Film at Pacific Window Tinting

Your home is the place for you to kick back, relax and be yourself. To fully enjoy it, you need to be comfortable and enjoy the surroundings. This means not worrying about UV rays, heat control, or any of the things required to put those defenses in place. Window tinting from Pacific Window Tinting can do just that! We do all the worrying for you — from the tools of the trade (edging tool, utility knife, etc.), to selecting the piece of film (there are several types of window film), positioning film, applying film to the window glass surface, removing air bubbles, if any, and making sure the work conforms to our high standards. Window film lets you enjoy the view from your home while keeping the temperatures even and your belongings protected from sun damage. If you’re doing research on what window film is all about, you may be wondering more about the application process. Let us help explain how we apply window film in three easy step by step instructions. Step #1: Prep and clean the space. Detailed preparation is the key to the beginning of any successful home improvement project. During this phase, our experienced team at Pacific Window Tinting will cover your flooring and carpeting around the windows, then we will clean the glass and frame. We’ll make sure the glass and windows are free of any debris, leftover paint, or anything else that could impact a smooth installation. Then we’ll make sure the window is completely dry. Step #2: Begin the application Read more [...] Continue Reading
A woman and personal trainer doing exercise with pilates ball in front of home to show Window Film Insulation Does It Work

Window Film Insulation: Does It Work?

Does window film insulation work? Absolutely. But exactly how does window film insulation work? And what can film insulation do for the homeowner? First off, asking whether film insulation works is a good sign of a healthy and skeptical mind. Each of us is faced with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements and slogans each day. All are designed to grab our attention and to keep it locked on a particular product or service. But how do we separate fact from fiction? Truth from lies? Something that’s bonafide from something that’s bogus? It starts with skepticism. But you can put that skepticism aside when it comes to asking whether or not film insulation works. It does. And there’s so much you can do with it! Window Tinting in Oregon We’re glad you’re here. It gives us an opportunity to inform our guests. To help them put their skepticism aside and begin to enjoy the benefits of window glass film insulation. And there are many benefits. (More on those later.) Pacific Window Tinting is a female-owned business. We provide exceptional products at great prices — with customer service that’s the absolute best. Our focus is on your complete satisfaction. We’ve been tinting windows for more than two decades. Over that time, we’ve built and sustained a sterling reputation for excellence. We do the work ourselves (no outsourcing), and we guarantee our work will be completed as promised. And if anything at all goes wrong, we will work to Read more [...] Continue Reading
A tinted window showing sky and trees to illustrate The Science Behind Window Tinting

The Science Behind Window Tinting

At Pacific Window Tinting, we’re good at what we do. The best. We focus on the job at hand and the satisfaction of our customers. The job is always done right, but it isn’t finished until we know without a doubt that the customer is happy with the work. With this hyper-focus on our customers’ needs and on consistently performing window tinting work at an expert level, we’re not usually thinking about the science behind the work we do — i.e., the science behind window tinting. Make no mistake, though, there is a science behind window tinting — and it’s fascinating. We thought we’d take a minute to look at how a window tint works. This should provide some perspective on both the nifty craft of window tinting itself and the science regarding the behavior of light, heat, and window film. How Does Window Tinting Work? We’ve all seen the windows of cars tinted. The cars’ windows are darkened. The drivers and passengers in the vehicle are mere outlines or shadows behind the side and rear windows. More and more often, however, many of us are noticing that people have chosen to tint the windows of their homes. Quick side note: Before applying car window tint films to your vehicle (either the front side windows, the rear side windows, or — for heaven’s sake no! — the front windshield), make sure you know the window tint laws in your area. Window tints work by reducing the amount of light — both visible light and ultraviolet light rays — that penetrates Read more [...] Continue Reading
young woman drinking morning coffee by the window to illustrate best home window tinting

Best Home Window Tint

The best home window tint is the one that provides the most benefits while improving the appearance of your home or business (both inside and out!). When determining the best home window tint, it's important to think about why you’re interested in the process in the first place. Some of the many benefits of home window tinting include: Glare control Energy savings Increased privacy Reduced carpet fading Reduced furniture fading Climate control Enhanced appearance Best Home Window Tint What is window tinting? As the helpful folks at HowStuffWorks.com write: Basically, a window tint, or solar control film, is a very thin film usually made of a polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating. Some films involve multiple polyester layers to achieve their results. These films are still only millimet­ers thick and are affixed to the interior side of the window with an adhesive. Window tinting works by either absorbing the sun’s rays or reflecting them away. In either case, they offer a lot of benefits for homeowners and business owners. Tinted windows allow sunlight in but keep the heat out, making it easier to regulate the indoor temperature. Tints can be customized to allow a certain amount of sunlight to penetrate the interior; this can dramatically reduce fading in carpets, curtains, wood flooring, and furniture. Some of the benefits of window tinting are less apparent. For example, if the window breaks, the film can help reduce Read more [...] Continue Reading

Why Are There Streaks on my Window?

You imagine your ideal Portland area home with sparkling clean windows. However, despite how well you think you’ve cleaned your windows, you still end up with streaked with unsightly spots. These window streaks are caused by washing your windows with hard water. Hard water in Portland can cause damage to your windows, especially if they are tinted. Many people think that water is just water. However, there are actually two basic kinds of water, hard water and soft water. The words “hard” and “soft” when applied to water have nothing to do with the way the water feels. Whether the water is hard or soft is dependent upon the mineral content of the water. Hard Water Hard water is the most common type of household water. As rain falls, the water seeps into the ground and makes its way into an underground aquifer. The water from the aquifer eventually emerges as part of a well or spring. On its journey through the ground, the water picks up minerals from rocks, typically calcium, lime, magnesium, and sulfur. After these minerals reach a concentration of at least one grain per gallon (gpg), the water is classified as hard. Cleaning your windows with hard water will result in window streaks. Soft Water Soft water has very little mineral content, less than 1 gpg. Soft water does not come from underground and therefore has not come into contact with minerals. Soft water is rather surface water found in rivers and lakes, or collected as rainwater. Hard Water Portland? Hard Read more [...] Continue Reading

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