Best Home Window Tint

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The best home window tint is the one that provides the most benefits while improving the appearance of your home or business (both inside and out!).

When determining the best home window tint, it’s important to think about why you’re interested in the process in the first place.

Some of the many benefits of home window tinting include:

  1. Glare control
  2. Energy savings
  3. Increased privacy
  4. Reduced carpet fading
  5. Reduced furniture fading
  6. Climate control
  7. Enhanced appearance

Best Home Window Tint

What is window tinting? As the helpful folks at write:

Basically, a window tint, or solar control film, is a very thin film usually made of a polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating. Some films involve multiple polyester layers to achieve their results. These films are still only millimet­ers thick and are affixed to the interior side of the window with an adhesive.

Window tinting works by either absorbing the sun’s rays or reflecting them away. In either case, they offer a lot of benefits for homeowners and business owners.

Tinted windows allow sunlight in but keep the heat out, making it easier to regulate the indoor temperature. Tints can be customized to allow a certain amount of sunlight to penetrate the interior; this can dramatically reduce fading in carpets, curtains, wood flooring, and furniture.

Some of the benefits of window tinting are less apparent. For example, if the window breaks, the film can help reduce the number of glass shards expelled from the broken window. Another example that’s less obvious (at least to the naked eye): the film protects against both infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Window film is also easy to maintain and clean, and our Panorama window films are coated with an anti-scratch layer to keep them looking new.

Finally, the thin metalized layer of window film helps prevent warm air in your home from escaping through the glass in the cold wintertime.

Pacific Window Tinting

Pacific Window Tinting is the premier commercial and residential window tinting service in Portland and the state of Oregon. We install window films that serve a wide range of purposes. Some of the jobs we commonly perform include:

Pacific Window Tinting is a female-owned business. We’ve been building relationships with and installing window tints for local businesses and residents since 1998. Our window tinting services set the industry standard, and our in-house crew is staffed with window tinting installation experts. None of our work is outsourced.

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