The Process of Commercial Decorative Window Film Installations

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PWT U of O decorative window film update

At a fraction of the cost of decorative glass, window films bring new life to your building.

Commercial Decorative Install Process

Pacific Window Tinting has had the pleasure of installing and updating a beautiful glass-art dedication to the University of Oregon’s student athletes.

The John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes is a 40,000 sq. foot on-campus showpiece built to house NCAA academic services. The building is truly state-of-the-art and contributes to both the success of current student athletes as well as the recruitment of future stand-outs. The building’s “Hall of Fame” is full of exhibits that will continue to evolve as new honorees are added to the long list of the institution’s beloved scholar athletes.

Among those exhibits is one particular atrium wall that has been our work station a few separate times over the years. Between a forest of birch wood, our skilled craftsmen have installed a collection of colored glass pieces, all showcasing the names and graduating years of honored athletes in each sport supported by the university.

We’d like to take a moment to walk you through the process of designing and installing this decorative work:

decorative commercial window film design processThis is an ongoing install and each update is a multiple-day project. Most of the work is done in-shop before we begin installation so that there is very little actual down-time for the exhibit. All of the film pieces are created ahead of time, and then the crew travels to the site with the film for quick disassembly and re-installation. All of this makes for a less invasive process.

To update this exhibit, we start by designing new film. When the colored material arrives, a pattern is created on our plotter software (in this case, the names and years), and a the plotter cuts the design. It is then hand “weeded” to remove the pieces of film not needed to create the final product.

Commercial Decorative Window Film Design and Installation ProcessAs small pieces are removed and discarded, the film takes shape and will eventually create a beautiful etched glass look— at a fraction of the price.

Once that phase is complete, we head down to Eugene for installation. First, we disassemble the exhibit, remove the existing film from the glass, and then prepare each piece for the next application.

After the new film is carefully applied by our experienced team, the treated glass is then reinstalled on the wall, with each color representing a different sport

As a finishing touch, the filmed glass is beautifully back-lit to optimize the design and create an amazing tribute.

We are very honored to work with the University of Oregon, not just here in the Jaqua Academic Center atrium, but in the football program’s facility as well.

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