DefenseLite Window Film

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A gathering crowd reflected in a glass door to illustrate DefenseLite window film.

During the past few years, Rose City has seen its share of protests, unrest, and broken windows. While downtown Portland merchants are a resilient bunch, constantly replacing broken windows is a pain in the neck, not to mention expensive. DefenseLite Window Film is a near-unbreakable product that will help you save on those costly cleanups.

Less a film and more of a security guard for your windows, DefenseLite is 250 times stronger than glass and is actually placed in front of your store windows and doors. There is a small gap between the two so your glass remains unscathed while the safety guard takes ALL of the punishment.

DefenseLite Window Film is Much More Than Tinting

DefenseLite Security Glass is an added layer of protection for buildings without making them look like a fortress. Even if you were going to put bars on the window for that “jail” look (and who doesn’t like working from behind bars?), that still wouldn’t keep the windows from being broken.

Window tinting film does hold the glass together when it breaks and keeps people from looking into case the place. But it won’t keep the existing window and door from spider webbing when a brick or something else is thrown at it. With the DefenseLite Security Guard, your building’s most vulnerable and targeted areas are safe behind super-tough plastics.

Traditional security window films are applied directly to the window while DefenseLite is built into the frames of the window. This provides an aesthetically pleasing solution that still offers superior protection against burglary and forced entry. Where a bad guy’s reinforced punch will reduce glass to rubble, not even Rocky Balboa will be able to punch his way through!

When it comes to security glass, DefenseLite is the premium choice. It’s designed with a patented laminated construction that reinforces the impact resistance of the glass and helps prevent shattering. It’s been rigorously and independently tested to meet even the harshest blows, lasting up to 40 minutes to non-stop punishment.

This makes it difficult to break despite repeated attempts using commonly available tools. The laminated construction also acts as a buffer between the inside and outside of the property, providing another layer of protection against potential intrusions even before any force has been applied.

Multipurpose Materials

In addition to its impressive ability to withstand force-entry attempts, DefenseLite Security Glass also features other unique benefits. With a high optic UV coating, the guards help with cooling costs during the summer and improve energy efficiency. So it protects your store, your employees, your inventory, and your cooling bills!

The DefenseLite System is custom-made for your windows, and expert installation can even help keep your office shielded from the normal hustle and bustle of the street out in front. This creates better acoustics in any indoor environment where face-to-face conversations or phone calls take place.

All these features make DefenseLite Security Glass the perfect solution for anyone looking for extra protection without having to sacrifice design aesthetics or break their budget on expensive window treatments. It’s ideal for both commercial and residential applications alike, providing superior defense from outside threats while enhancing the look and feel of your space at the same time.

DefenseLite window guards provide 24/7 invisible glass protection for vulnerable area glass and easily outperform security window film and laminated glass. But like any part of the building’s construction, it’s only as good as the people installing it. That’s where Pacific Window Tinting comes in.

Expert DefenseLite Window Film and Guard Installation

Pacific Window Tinting crews have been trained to install DefenseLite window guards and we are the only authorized dealer in the Portland Metro area. These guards can also be used with all-weather adhesives, high-performance films, and other tinting materials–just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver!