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A bank of windows and a glass door to illustrate DefenseLite Portland, OR

With the recent issues facing the Rose City, business owners and residents alike are thinking about how to better protect their investments. Having to replace a broken window time after time can get pretty expensive after three or four incidents, not to mention any looting that might take place. With DefenseLite products, your windows will be protected, your employees and customers will be safe, and your peace of mind will be intact.

Security films applied directly to the window help keep the broken glass from flying everywhere and add another layer of deterrence for would-be thieves. DefenseLite takes that to the next level by keeping the window from being broken in the first place.

Where window film is applied to the window, DefenseLite is actually installed in front of the window, built into the window frame, apart from the window entirely. This means criminals have to break the window and the DefenseLite barrier. And if they try, they better bring lunch.

Generally speaking, it takes 30-40 to break through a DefenseLite security system. Long gone are quick, smash-and-grab operations that have been plaguing the downtown Portland area for the past few years. Throwing a brick just won’t cut it against DefenseLite. After a minute or two of trying to break through, potential miscreants will move on to easier targets.

Save Money in the Long Term With DefenseLite Portland OR Products

For a larger business with five, 20, or more windows, constantly replacing windows can become a very spendy proposition. For a small business, however, the costs can be crippling. For about the same price as a window, DefenseLite guards will take a beating but stay intact and in place. No more monthly repair bills or replacement costs.

DefenseLite shields are constructed with multiple layers of polycarbonate to provide protection for windows and glass doors. Even when cracked, the guards keep their shape and remain in place, keeping the contents of your business safe. Not to mention the costs of employees missing time if they’re injured in an attack.

Think about potential business lost when customers see boarded-up windows and the confusion that follows: Are you open for business or not? With DefenseLite shields, you’ll be able to operate as you always do as well as letting all that natural light into the workspace.

For some downtown Portland businesses, “business as usual” has become a forgotten phrase. DefenseLite lets you return to some semblance of normalcy by keeping your windows in place and the open for business sign on. That in and of itself is priceless and the level of improved workplace morale is immeasurable.

Pacific Window Tinting: The Only Authorized DefenseLite Portland OR Dealer

The DefenseLite shield is only effective when it’s installed correctly, so it’s important to work with an authorized dealer that’s been trained in the process. Our technicians have been trained and are DefenseLite certified, so you can rest easy knowing DefenseLite is keeping your store windows safe during times of unrest.

In addition to the DefenseLite system, we also provide window tinting, security films, and other window films for your business, including custom coverings, signage, and logos on the interior windows of your office. Give Pacific Window Tinting a call if you’d like more information about DefenseLite Portland OR and any of our other products.