How Security Glass Film Can Save You Money

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Storefront with glass door to illustrate window security film

As a business owner in downtown Portland, you know the last few years have taken its toll on storefronts. But no matter where your business is located, having additional layers of safety and security for your building and your employees provides peace of mind in unsure times. In the case of security glass film, it can also save you money.

There are any number of ways to make your office more secure, but you also need to make sure your business is welcoming for returning and potential customers. Putting bars on the windows may prevent break ins, but they also aren’t very inviting. Tinted security glass film, however, offers both form and function for almost any type of glass.

How Security Glass Film Can Save You Money (And Looks Good Doing it)

Security glass film is an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to improve their security without having to invest in expensive and complex solutions. By using glass film, businesses can protect their premises effectively against forced entry and vandalism.

The installation of security glass film can save a business money in the short term by offering an affordable alternative to traditional window installations, such as steel bars. In the long term, it also reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance associated with windows that have been damaged.

Additionally, security glass film can be used in conjunction with other security measures to create a comprehensive security plan for businesses. It is particularly effective when applied to storefronts, entryways, lobby areas, or any other point of entry that could be vulnerable to attack.

Security glass film also has the added benefit of making an area look and feel more secure, which can help deter potential intruders. Tint can vary depending on your needs, so you can go as dark as you need to shield clients and processes from outside prying eyes.

Now, about the form: security glass film installation is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can even be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses. With varying levels of tinting, film can give your storefront a level of class as well.

Tinting can also help save money (back to the function aspect of tinted security glass product film) by reducing energy costs as it blocks the sun’s heat from entering the building, keeping interiors cool during hot summers. Blocking these rays also prevents fading on interior furniture or flooring.

It is also resistant to shattering and provides an extra layer of protection against flying debris in the case of a severe storm. Safety security window film is several mil thick, and provides up to five times more strength than standard tempered or laminated glass. This makes it effective against impacts from hailstones, rocks, and other natural disasters. It can also offer a level of protection against intruders shattering the window with a single strike.

In addition to its strength, security film also helps reduce the risk of serious injury due to broken window glass or glass doors by holding shattered pieces together in one cohesive sheet. This prevents shards of shattered glass from spreading across a room and causing injury in the event of an attempted break-in or other incident involving impact with a window or door.

DefenseLite Security Shield: Unbeatable Window Protection

Tired of shelling out for expensive window replacements, even with the extra protection window film can provide? It can be very frustrating, and for smaller businesses, it can have a big financial impact. But there’s a more robust solution out there–DefenseLite is a specially-designed shield that’s affixed to your existing window frame, creating a buffer of up to two inches that can withstand a lot of punishment.

Made from super tough polycarbonate, it’s built to last and provide top-notch protection. In fact, it takes a full forty minutes of battering to actually break through. These are usually in-the-moment crimes, so after a few minutes, most vandals will move on. That means you can rest assured that your business will be better protected, and you won’t have to keep replacing those windows.

But how much does this security glass cost? Because windows come in all shapes and sizes, it is essential for DefenseLite to create custom-made security shields to fit your window frames. Installation is also more involved than security glass film, so the process is more costly.

That being said, DefenseLite products can put up with a lot more abuse than protection films, too. It is 250 times stronger than glass, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it every month. If your storefront is full of windows that are broken often, this can equal some pretty hefty savings.

Our expert’s work has extended to high-profile buildings such as the Multnomah County government building and Amazon hubs on the West Coast. We know the importance of getting this installation done correctly, and with Pacific Window Tinting, you can rest assured that you will receive the most advanced window security shield installed by experts in the field.