Window Film Insulation: Does It Work?

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Residential Window Tinting

Does window film insulation work? Absolutely. But exactly how does window film insulation work? And what can film insulation do for the homeowner?

First off, asking whether film insulation works is a good sign of a healthy and skeptical mind. Each of us is faced with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements and slogans each day. All are designed to grab our attention and to keep it locked on a particular product or service.

But how do we separate fact from fiction? Truth from lies? Something that’s bonafide from something that’s bogus? It starts with skepticism.

But you can put that skepticism aside when it comes to asking whether or not film insulation works.

It does.

And there’s so much you can do with it!

Window Tinting in Oregon

We’re glad you’re here. It gives us an opportunity to inform our guests. To help them put their skepticism aside and begin to enjoy the benefits of window glass film insulation.

And there are many benefits. (More on those later.)

Pacific Window Tinting is a female-owned business. We provide exceptional products at great prices — with customer service that’s the absolute best. Our focus is on your complete satisfaction.

We’ve been tinting windows for more than two decades. Over that time, we’ve built and sustained a sterling reputation for excellence.

We do the work ourselves (no outsourcing), and we guarantee our work will be completed as promised. And if anything at all goes wrong, we will work to make it right — quickly and with a smile.

Uses For Window Tinting

  • Decorative: Enhance the look of your building with a world of shades, colors, and frosts! Single-pane windows, double-pane windows, window frames … all look great with the addition of tinted, insulated windows.
  • Solar: Reduce your energy costs and make your living and working spaces more comfortable all year round. Prevent solar heat loss with our window insulation film.
  • Security: Our window films help hold the glass in place if and when someone tries to shatter them.
  • Graffiti Prevention: Our work also provides a level of protection against graffiti and vandalism. Our protective film is clear and durable. Plus it’s removable, proving a layer of protection between vandals and the window’s surface.

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Window Film Insulation Works

Window film reduces the amount of visible and ultraviolet light that penetrates windows. This also helps reduce the amount of heat energy that enters the home. This reduction in heat and light provides protection for carpets, furniture, wood floors, electronics, and drapes.

It can also help lower energy bills. In fact, the energy efficiency of tinted windows goes a long way. It can help homeowners and property owners with tremendous energy savings.

How does it work?

Our window films are coated with transparent dyes and metals. These coatings convert the incoming solar radiation into infrared radiation and reflected it back. Outward.

(Quick note: Ceramic window films are nonmetallic. They also don’t contain any dyes.)

We’ve written about this elsewhere in the Pacific Window Tinting blog. Sunlight that attempts to penetrate tinted windows undergoes a few transformations.

  • Radiation prevention, which helps keep living and workspaces warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Reflection, whereby the light is directed outward (away from the window).
  • Absorption. The window film absorbs sunlight, preventing the light and heat from getting inside.
  • Transmittance, which is the allowance of certain levels of light. We’ll help you determine the best transmittance for you and your space.

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