How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

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Window tinting is an extraordinarily cost-effective home improvement project. Many people want to know how much window tinting costs.

The truth of the matter: Tinted windows are an affordable addition to any home or business. And the money saved in energy costs more than makes up for the price of installation.

We provide free estimates, so we ask that you fill out a request-for-estimate form, and we will contact you. There are far too many variables in play to know how much your particular tinging job will cost.

Typically, jobs are priced according to square footage, which in the Portland area averages between $5 and $8 per square foot.

NOTE: This is just an estimate from; this average cost does not necessarily reflect our prices or the cost of your particular tinting job. We provide this for informational purposes only since it might be helpful to have a ballpark figure available for those of you searching for pricing info.

Again, we recommend filling out our free request form! We provide a range of professional tinting services and professional installation of many types of tint films.

Window Tinting in Portland

At Pacific Window Tinting, we offer a complete line of window films, including:

  • Panorama window films
  • Armorcoat safety and security films
  • Graffiti Gard anti-graffiti films
  • Decorative and design products

And it’s more than just tinting. We also provide affordable ways to enhance the look and feel of your building. Our computerized plotter can produce an almost limitless amount of designs.

If you can imagine it, we can design it. And if we can design it, we can apply it.

That’s more than just a slogan — it’s the truth.

Consider the following for your business:

And if it’s a residence, then we have the goods for you, too, including:

Commercial buildings, residential buildings, custom designs … we do it all!

And we guarantee the quality of our work.

Contact Pacific Window Tinting for a free estimate!