How To Remove Window Film

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Window film can provide many benefits to your home, like heat reduction, safety and decoration. But, there may come a time when old or damaged window film becomes more of an eyesore than a selling point. Whether it’s bubbling, discolored or the style is outdated, sometimes it just has to go. To help you uncover your sparkling clean windows, we’re offering our tips for removing your window film.

We must warn you. While the steps are rather simple, the removal process is messy, tedious and often lengthy. If you have a whole house worth of window film to remove, give us a call. We’re happy to take care of these projects for you, whether they’re large or small.

First, gather the necessary tools. You’ll need:

  • An ammonia-based cleaner

  • A professional grade razor scraper and lots of extra blades

  • Lint-free towels

Optional: Steel wool (0000), mop*, steamer*.

  1. Start by scoring the film with your razor, dividing the film into manageable sections. This will also allow the ammonia to work its way under the film.

  1. Generously soak the window with an ammonia based cleaner. This will break down the film’s adhesive, so the more the better. Let it set in for a few moments.*

  1. Look for a corner or edge of the film that has already begun to lift and start there, or use your razor to get a corner started. With your fingers or a pair of pliers, gently peel the film away from the glass. Use your scraper to separate any patches of stubborn adhesive as you peel off section by section, being careful not to rip the film. To keep from scratching your windows, replace the blade in your scraper frequently. Make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands when working with the blades.

  1. Once you’ve removed all the film, a good amount of adhesive will most likely be left on the windows. Apply more cleaner and use a fresh blade or fine steel wool to remove the remaining glue.

  1. Finally, cover the window one more time with your cleaner and use a lint-free towel to wipe the glass clean.

rp_SOLAR.BA_-300×225.jpgNow your windows are ready for new film.

Not up to the task? Call the professionals at Pacific Window Tinting today!

*Heat will help to disintegrate the adhesive as well. So, if you have trouble peeling the film, try mopping a mixture of hot water and ammonia onto the windows, or using a steamer.