PWT Contributes to the University of Oregon’s Stunning New Football Complex

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If you follow college football, you’ve probably seen the loads of press received by the University of Oregon’s brand new $68 million dollar football facility.

The 145,000 square-foot Hatfield-Dowlin Complex that now rests beside the notoriously energetic Autzen Stadium contains meeting spaces, instructional rooms, multiple fitness centers, state-of-the-art locker rooms, plush offices, dining facilities, lounges, auditoriums, and even a barber shop.

The awe-inspiring facility is unlike anything college football has ever seen, and to say that they spared no expense is a giant understatement. There are TV screens embedded in mirrors and lounge chairs custom upholstered with leather typically reserved for Ferraris. The 25,000-square foot weight room floor is covered with rare Brazilian hardwood, and above it is one of the only 40-yard electronic tracks in the world. The top-secret “war room,” only accessible by a select group of coaches and staff members, was built twice to ensure absolute perfection. And, Coach Helfrich has a private-access stairwell from his office to his parking spot that Bruce Wayne would envy. What’s more is, that’s not even the half of it.

Oregon football complex installationEvery single aspect of the building has a special significance to the Ducks, and we at Pacific Window Tinting were more than happy to contribute to the jaw-dropping final product. We had the honor of creating and installing 11 glass features, bringing interest and inspiration to nine position rooms, a small theater room and, of course, the weight room.

In each of the nine position rooms and in the “small” theater, we covered the walls with glass featuring custom graphics dedicated to players in various positions. In the Quarterback’s room, for instance, the numbers of past and present QBs are displayed, highlighting the greats like Joey Harrington, Bill Musgrave, Danny O’Neil and the new phenom, Marcus Mariota. We then gave the glass a shattered look to punch up the energy.

oregon football complex installation For our biggest project, at the far end of the Duck’s stunning new weight room we installed 35 glass pieces combined to make a customs graphic that is 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide. After two days of installing the pieces we had previously fabricated here in Portland, the shiny image of a fighting ducks football player now stands in all the glory of the university’s celebrated program. And, of course, there are TVs built in.

We took such great pleasure in providing our services to the university, and we’re so proud how it turned out.

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