Security Window Films Keep Your Home & Business Safe

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We consider ourselves very lucky when we see the Sun here in Portland, Oregon. In order to take full advantage of this rare event (and get valuable Vitamin D!) we like to make sure that we have plenty of large windows to soak it up while we can.  Whether at school, work, or home, our windows allow us to enjoy the beautiful Portland weather when it is at its best. Window tinting allows you to choose the exact amount of sunlight that you prefer, but did you know that Security Window Films can also keep your family and valuables safe?

There are many places in a house or office  that can allow in determined, unwanted visitors and unfortunately windows are among them.  Luckily for those of us that cherish the Portland Sun, Security Window Films allow us to enjoy it with total peace-of-mind.  Ground level windows are especially convenient for a would-be burglar.  It is always a good idea to close and lock all of your windows before leaving your property or heading to bed, but it won’t always stop an intruder. After all, glass can easily be broken and screens cut and removed. With Security Window Films like Armorcoat, the potential thief’s job is made much more difficult, often deterring them altogether.

While the glass can still be broken, Security Window Films hold it together, maintaining a strong and effective barrier against intruders.  This makes it more difficult for them to gain access to your property and also makes “smash-and-grab” thefts almost impossible as they rely on speed.  Security Window Films provide even more benefits than theft-prevention alone and include:

  • Protecting patio doors from breaking and injuring children at play;
  • Providing security and tinting in one convenient product;
  • Preventing golf balls or the neighbor kid’s baseball from flying through your window; and
  • Preventing dangerous flying shards of glass during an earthquake

In addition to having Pacific Window Tinting install Armorcoat Security Window Films on your home or office windows, here are some other tips to stay safe while enjoying that beautiful Portland, Oregon sunshine!

  • If your windows open with a crank, make sure you remove them before leaving or heading to bed (especially on ground-level windows).
  • Make sure your windows are fully closed before locking. Failing to do so makes the lock far less effective.
  • Plants grow quickly in Portland so keep your hedges trimmed!  Large shrubbery provides excellent cover for intruders.
  • Remove any objects that would assist a burglar in reaching higher windows. This includes cutting back tree limbs.
  • Double-hung windows are the safest type of window.

Contact us to find out  more about how Pacific Window Tinting can help you keep your business and family safe with Security Window Films!