Guard against vandals with commercial window tinting.

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Anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience of cleaning up or repairing acts of vandalism on their property knows how frustrating and expensive it can be.  Sadly, fragile glass is often a prime target for a graffiti “artist” or vandal looking to make a point or spread a message.  This can be especially true for your commercial windows, which are often located in high-traffic areas. Luckily  Pacific Window Tinting installs graffiti-resistant window tints, making commercial window tinting an important and cost-effective way to return your windows to their pre-vandalized state should it ever be necessary.

Protective window films are barely noticeable, extremely durable membranes that we can apply directly to your commercial and residential buildings, automobiles and more.  If you have a window at home, work, or on a car that ever becomes the victim of vandalism, the film itself is simply (and easily) removed and replaced.  This tough barrier not only protects your windows from paint but can also reduce or entirely avoid costly repairs from scratches, etching, and even acid-etching!  You can apply it to your other non-porous surfaces making it an ideal protector for mirrors, stainless steel, Plexiglas, marble, and others. It can also be applied to interior and exterior surfaces. Protective commercial window tinting not only saves you money as a business owner, but it can save you valuable time and headaches as well.

In the event that your windows were scratched too deeply for even the exceptionally tough commercial window tint to avoid, do not lose hope! Pacific Window Tinting has the necessary tools and experience to repair the damaged glass–all still at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window.  Contact us today and cut the high costs of repair off at the pass by having Pacific Window Tinting apply all of your protective commercial and residential tinting today!