3 Situations Where Window Film Can Save Your Life

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Having a window film installed on your home or business windows is more than just a way to save energy—it can also save your life. You might not think something as small as window film can pack that kind of punch, but it’s surprising just how thin that line is between a close call and a disaster. Plus, this investment is probably the most affordable one you can make in the world of home improvements. It’s vastly cheaper than replacing windows and comes with a host of perks, too.

Here are three situations where window films just might come to the rescue:

When Mother Nature Rages

Depending on where you live, Mother Nature’s fury can take a lot of different forms. From earthquakes to tornadoes, hurricanes and hailstorms, the windows are often one of the most vulnerable places in your home. Around here, windy storms frequently blow branches out of trees that can easily break windows. Shards of shattered glass can be dangerous, especially when little ones are running around scared and barefoot. Window film keeps broken window panes together, so there won’t be sharp pieces of glass everywhere. It also keeps the damage contained to a smaller area.

Keeping Burglars Out

Burglars aren’t looking for a challenge—they’re looking for the path of least resistance. After doors, windows are the leading entry point for criminals. However, if a window doesn’t slide open easily and doesn’t break on command, a burglar will likely move on to an easier target. If you opt for a tinted window, it also makes it more difficult to see all the treasures you have inside, so a burglar might not even be tempted by your home to begin with.

Stopping a Common Cancer

Many people are surprised to learn that melanoma, or skin cancer, is one of the most common and deadliest forms of cancer. If it’s not caught early, it can spread via the bloodstream to pretty much anywhere else in your body. You know to wear sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy, but what about when you’re sipping coffee at the dining room table and basking in your breakfast nook? Those harmful UV rays can easily penetrate windows, but a solar film can keep you and your skin protected. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy all those anti-aging benefits, too.

Just like your health, it’s best to take a holistic approach to staying safe in your home—and window films can be that extra armor you deserve. Ensure the safety of your family and your possessions by reinforcing your windows. You never know when disaster might strike, be it in the form of a harsh storm or an iffy looking mole on your arm.

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