Lumisty – More Than A Window Film, It’s A Visual Experience

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Lumisty Wondow FilmLumisty is a view control window film that gives users the ability to obstruct specific viewing angles. Originally invented for ATM screens as a security provision, Lumisty is now capturing the imaginations of interior designers and architects everywhere, and inspiring many creative and practical uses.

Let’s say you want to block the view of the parking lot but not the city skyline. Or, may be you’d like to keep your glass-enclosed conference room from feeling like a fish bowl, but some visibility is desired. This uniquely innovative window film is the answer.

The Lumisty Experience

Lumisty’s appearance changes by becoming transparent or translucent according to the viewing angle, creating an unexpected and delightful visual sensation. In fact, when seeing if for the first time, people often think it’s an optical illusion. When you walk past a window with Lumisty applied, a perfectly transparent surface becomes partially frosted in a step or two. A few more steps in and the glass is completely frosted. Walk backward and its clear again. It does this by scattering incident light from certain angles whilst transmitting light from all others.

So Many Options

There are four different types of Lumisty film, each offering two choices of viewing angles depending on whether the film is applied vertically or horizontally, subsequently providing a total of eight visibility options.

Lumisty Window Film

The Specs

Made from mylar, this remarkably strong polyester film and its visual effect is the result of its microstructure. Lumisty’s layers include:

– Mounting Adhesive with UV absorber

– Bonding layer

– Lamination Adhesive

– View Control Film

– Lamination Adhesive with UV absorber

– Scratch resistant PET Film.

In both of its forms, clear and frosted, the total amount of light transmitted by the film is approximately 88 percent. Lumisty also performs like many of our other top-quality films. Like solar film, It reduces harmful UV rays by up to 98 percent, and like security film, it will prevent shards of glass from falling to the ground if it’s broken.


The list of possible applications for Lumisty continues to grow along with user’s creative ideas.  It can be used on interior and exterior glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces, staircases and escalators, glazed partitions, workstation screens, store fronts and more.

If you are interested in Lumisty film for your home or business, send us an email or call 503-736-9000 for more information or a project estimate!