How to Step Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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What gives a home curb appeal? Often it’s thoughtful details and careful maintenance. It could be the color scheme or the architecture. In most cases, it’s a combination of factors. Whatever the reason for its attractions, a home with curb appeal sells faster and for a higher price.

If you’re putting your residence on the market, it pays to spruce up its facade. Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, you can use these ideas to keep your Portland, Oregon home looking its best.

Give Windows a Facelift

Make windowpanes sparkle with a thorough washing. If your windows are plain, increase style with shutters and fresh paint on the frames. For more flair, consider the decorative options available with window film. Frosted glass is a classic look for front door windows. Stained and etched-glass effects can be designed to match your home’s style. These treatments look well in entryways and street-facing windows. Pacific Window Tinting can even add graphics and text to window film. Our computerized plotter delivers custom designs that run the gamut from understated to show-stopping.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Artfully placed lights add warmth and safety to your home’s facade. A well-lit front porch looks welcoming to guests, but intimidating to would-be intruders. Adding lights along paths draws a visitor’s gaze to your front door. Choose attractive fixtures that complement your home’s style. Place lights to highlight and draw attention to architectural features. Don’t forget to add lights around garage doors.

Take Care of the Yard

Redoing landscaping may take a season or two to come to fruition. If you don’t have the time or budget for extensive changes, your yard can still look beautiful with careful maintenance. Keep the lawn, shrubs and trees trimmed and tidy. Pull weeds, get rid of dead plants and rake fallen leaves. You can add interest and color with potted plants and annuals. If you’re trying to improve the look of your yard during winter, consider adding an outdoor sculpture or bench.

Attract With Touches of Color

Oregon’s weather can be gray. Add some life to your home with splashes of color. Paint the front door red or place brightly colored chairs on the porch. Choose decorative potted plants. Winter is a great time to decorate your entryway, porch or windows with evergreen boughs or wreaths. Wrap greenery in holiday decorations and colors. In fall, bright tulips or mums can grace your yard and porch. Spring has all kinds of options for colorful annuals to brighten the outside of your home.

Adding curb appeal and beautifying a home doesn’t have to be expensive. Even small upgrades can make a big impact. Window film is an easy, quick way to make your home more appealing. Contact us today for more information. (503) 736-9000.