What Does Window Film Look Like?

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window tint in a commercial building

Do you want the benefits of window film but worry your windows will look dark? Window film has come a long way. Today’s clear films are nearly undetectable and will not obscure your view. Window film blocks glare, UV rays and solar heat while allowing in natural light.

Pacific Window Tinting offers several types of film. Our selection of high-performance Panorama Solar films is available in clear to shaded options. Call us at 503.736.9000 for an estimate, and we’ll help you choose the right product for your Portland-area home or business.

Window film has a host of benefits, from saving energy on air conditioning to saving money on graffiti removal. Fortunately, these advantages don’t come at the expense of aesthetic appeal.

Clear Benefits of Window Film

Panorama Hilite films are the right choice if you like the look of clear glass. These films protect you and your belongings from UV rays, reduce solar heat and lower cooling costs. These films are nearly invisible.

Graffitigard is another virtually undetectable film. This film can be installed on a wide variety of non-porous surfaces. It leaves your windows clear while it protects against scratches, paint and other types of damage. It’s easily replaced if vandals strike. Installing a new layer of film is more affordable than replacing glass.

Power of Reflection

Panorama Sterling film has a subtle reflective finish when viewed from the outside. This reflectivity enhances privacy without blocking the view. These films come in a range of strengths. They admit a high level of light while reducing heat and are available in a range of tints. Films with the lightest tints are barely noticeable.

Do you want more privacy? The Dual Reflective Panorama Slate films increase daytime privacy. During the day, this film reflects outside light and protects you from unwanted attention. From inside, day or night, you’ll have an unobscured view when you look out the window. Films in the Slate series have excellent solar rejection performance.

Take a Test Drive

Still not sure if window film is right for you? Call us and we’ll supply you with free samples. You’ll be able to examine and touch the film. Compare the look of clear, tinted and reflective products. You can hold the swatches near your windows to see the effect, or we can install the samples. You’ll be able to see for yourself which film is right for you.

Seamless Application

Pacific Window Tinting technicians are trained to flawlessly install film. With professional installation, you don’t need to worry about bubbles, wrinkles or other imperfections that could spoil the clarity of your glass. We stand behind our work.

Contact us today for more information about the beautiful, practical and beneficial properties of window film.