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Window Tinting to Protect Your Wood Furniture

sun damaged wood furnitureThe mention of fading furniture often calls to mind upholstered pieces. However, prolonged exposure to UV light can greatly damage your beautiful wood furniture. Besides regular oiling or waxing to maintain the look of your wood, consider the effects of UV light on these veneers and what a UV guard window film can do for you.

Natural, direct sunlight is the most harmful form of light for wood surfaces. Ultra violet rays have a bleaching effect that will cause the natural color of your wood to fade. In addition, UV light damages finishes such as stain or paint. Dark colors lighten in direct sunlight, and white paint turns yellow.

Shiny finishes go dull under UV influence, and you may notice a maze of hairline cracks, creating an alligator-esque appearance. If this is not the look you want, such changes may prove disturbing to you and your overall décor.

In addition to UV rays, sunlight contains heat, which can dry wood furniture, adhesives, and finishes, resulting in shrinkage. Shrinkage, in turn, can cause gaps in furniture joints, splits along the grain, and structural warping. Veneers and inlays may detach and wood will appear aged.

While unintentionally aged wood makes for aesthetic issues in your home décor, its effects on your business furniture can be even more destructive. If first impressions are vital, it is essential that any wood furniture you feature in your office represents the highest quality possible. Aged and warped wood provides a dilapidated impression of you, your business, and the quality of services you provide. Clients trust clean, updated spaces and will find issues with wood fading and damage a turn off. This is a particular disappointment if you have spent large amounts of money on your pieces.

How can window tinting prevent these issues?

By selecting a high-quality window film with UV blockers, you eliminate harmful sun exposure. In addition, because window film comes in a variety of shades and colors, you can protect your fine furniture while enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Your home or office need not avoid the light, but enjoy it with exposure options that provide UV protection.

Upholstered furniture and rugs are not the only indoor accent victims of UV light. Wood furniture suffers greatly from prolonged UV exposure. For this reason, installing a UV blocking window film in your home or office is an excellent step toward protecting the value and beauty of your décor.


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