Commercial Window Tinting Protects Neighbors From Light Pollution

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Commercial Window TintingWe all have a pretty good idea of what window film does – it keeps the sun out – the heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Right? Well, there are many other applications and uses for window film.

On a tint install in Portland we were resolving a problem I had never encountered before. This time,  rather than keeping the light out, the purpose of tinting the windows was to keep light from escaping! That’s right, a neighboring building’s tenants were kept awake at night because of a light in the building that is left on 24 hours a day. Our customer’s security light is required to stay on all night, and it was shining brightly into the rooms of the buildings across the street. This apparently was not an isolated incident. As it turns out, it even has a name. Excessive or unpleasant light emanating from a building or home is known as “Light Pollution.”

The building owner in this situation, being a quick thinker, called Pacific Window Tinting and was able to schedule the installation of “Slate 10” window film to resolve the problem. Slate 10 provides excellent heat and glare reduction, improves privacy, and softens natural lighting. It has a neutral tint, which is barely noticeable from the inside and has a reflective finish outside‒ rescuing neighbors from the glare of the late-night beacon (late-night bacon however, requires no such rescue).

There have been nothing but smiles and well rested neighbors greeting our quick thinking customer since the resolution of the light pollution problem.

If you have any security, UV glare or graffiti film needs – please contact Pacific Window Tinting for a free consultation and recommendation! We’re your Pacific NW Window Tinting experts!