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Can I tint windows in winter?

Window film and tinting brings a cohesive, cool look to the curb appeal of your home or business. There are many perks to these adhesive films far beyond the mere appearance, and it makes sense to consider tinting or filming your windows, but do you know the best time to tint? The short answer to whether or not you can tint windows in winter is yes, you can use window tinting services during the cold months, but keep these tips in mind: Cold weather increases curing time Cold weather generally increases the moisture that is present in the air, and moisture is not your friend when tinting the windows of your home, business, or workplace. Therefore, it is most prudent to hire the professionals for winter tinting services to ensure satisfaction and a smooth, pristine finish. That being said, the ability to tint windows in winter is worth the extra effort. Depending on the film that you are using, window film can keep heat from escaping by adding a protective layer of insulation to your home. It makes sense to tint in the winter and could potentially save you some money in lower energy bills. Don’t put off window tinting when it could save on utility costs and be conserving valuable energy now! Tinting windows in winter is a pragmatic investment You invest a lot maintaining your home, so it makes sense that you would protect your property for the years to come with window film. Beyond aesthetics, privacy and security, window film offers home or business owners a number Read more [...] Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Window Film During Portland Winters

Portland has its own take on the Pacific Northwest winter: ubiquitous Portland mist and dreary overcast days interspersed with occasional crystalline blue sky. What part can window film play in this type of winter climate? Surprisingly, solar window film can make a big difference in comfort during the winter in this area. According to Darrell Smith, head of the International Window Film Association, “In areas where traditionally they’re not big sunshine areas, you still are seeing increases in the use of these products.” Here are five benefits, even in winter, from installing window film that Portland residents have discovered. Fade Control Though the sun doesn’t come out often, its UV rays can fade drapes, upholstery, fabrics, carpets, artwork, hardwood floors and other furnishings. Owners of homes and commercial properties, like offices and hotels, spend big bucks replacing damaged fittings. Window film blocks most UV rays, virtually eliminating the danger of fading. UV Protection Mention the danger of ultraviolet rays from the sun during a typical Portland winter and you’ll get a big laugh. But UV rays are sneaky. Sitting in an office or at home in a spot that gets the sunlight that does appear can increase the risk of skin damage. Window film can eliminate about 99 percent of all the UV rays. This means you can enjoy natural sunlight without exposure to harmful rays. Privacy Window film is available in a wide variety of tints and reflective finishes. Read more [...] Continue Reading

Beat gloomy Portland weather with custom decorative window film

It is estimated that Portland only gets around 144 sunny days per year, which means most of the time, the weather is pretty dreary and gloomy. Make the most of the Oregonian climate with window film to take your mind off the weather, and bring utility to your home. Don’t cover your windows up with heavy treatments; use window film and catch the natural sun whenever it happens to peek out! Decorative window film: An alternative to dreary winters Decor. Add a little personality to any space of your home with custom-printed window film. Choose your own pattern, motif, or insignia to give the home more style and class, while also providing a range of useful purposes. In addition, the right kind of decor can brighten moods in the house, a useful advantage during Portland’s dark winters. Light. Window film optimizes natural light while also preventing damaging UV rays. Use your decorative window film to reduce the glare that comes blazing into the home, but that allows optimal sunlight during those cherished bright and sunny days. Protection. Take care of what’s most important to you in your home: Protect furnishings and belongings with tinted window film. Custom decorative window film curbs fading of your possessions by preventing the damaging rays from reaching your grandma’s table, dad’s armchair, or priceless imported rug. Privacy. Custom window film provides obscurity and privacy, keeping prying eyes from peeking in your home. During gloomy weather, Portland Read more [...] Continue Reading

Beat summertime heat with Panorama Solar film

Summertime in the Portland area is unlike any other region in the country. With clouds parted and rain subsided, the Pacific Northwest offers incredible outdoor activities, music scenes, cultural events and of course, some of the best food you’ll find anywhere. However, we perhaps pay for these summers with uncomfortably high temperatures. It seems like most homes struggle with problem areas that receive too much direct sunlight and become unbearably hot. Big windows are beautiful additions to any home but they bring sun exposure and higher temperatures indoors. You could pump up your air conditioning, but that may cause a drastic spike in your utility bills and make other parts other parts of the home freezing. And what if you don’t have air conditioning at all? It can feel more like an oven than a home when the sunshine bearing down. No A/C? Cool down with window film Panorama solar films are optical-grade films that provide protection against the sun’s rays and heat. Unlike other tinting methods, these films won’t require major window replacements or even darken your windows like those on a limousine. Instead, these films can be applied in light tones so that they are hardly noticeable, even when examined close up. What’s the best part of using films? Panorama solar films can reject as much as 70% of the sun’s heat that’s penetrating windows. This way, you can cool down the hottest rooms in your house without spending hundreds of dollars in energy bills Read more [...] Continue Reading

Creative window film designs for businesses add unique look to make your office stand out

Decorative window film is the most cost-effective way to enhance the look of your building. Bring a fresh style to an otherwise ordinary workspace while improving privacy for both you and your employees at a fraction of the cost of decorative glass. You can choose simple but elegant designs, or let your imagination soar with all the artistic possibilities that window film has to offer. The choice is entirely up to you! Simple designs for privacy, modest décor and text Our frost window films are ideal for adding a layer of privacy tastefully with a patterned or solid-color look. Whether it be for a conference room, glass office doors, front windows of your business or just about anywhere else, our frost film is an easy way to add a little flair to your building while giving you and your employees extra privacy. Privacy concerns aside, if you’re looking to simply spruce up the interior or exterior of your business with frosted films, a no-nonsense striped pattern can break up the monotony of glass and add that personalized touch to your commercial space. But why stop at frosted film? You can choose from a large array colors to add character to your designs. Perhaps you’d like show a little office pride and choose colors of your company? We can absolutely do that and more. In addition, a favorite of many businesses is to use the frosted film to spell out important text. From incorporating logos onto storefronts to placing names and titles on glass doors or office windows, Read more [...] Continue Reading

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