6 Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Summer in Oregon is fleeting. Before it gets underway, it seems like it’s halfway over. You can savor the sun by turning your house into a celebration of the season. A few well-placed decorative updates can give your rooms the feel of a warm-weather getaway. As they say, a change can be is as good as a rest. So until you actually take time off, make life brighter with these 6 summer decorating ideas for your home.

1. Lighten Up

Rethink window coverings for summer. Let sunlight shine in by taking down or leaving open curtains. Tame heat and glare by installing window film. A lightly tinted film blocks most of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while letting in visible light. Once summer is over, there’s no need to remove the film. Even in winter, direct sunlight causes problems with glare.

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Fresh flowers from the garden are one of summer’s gifts. If you have a garden, bring cuttings indoors. Don’t have a green thumb? Indulge yourself weekly by buying a bouquet at a farmer’s market. Flowers lighten the mood and are well worth the few dollars they cost. While you’re at the market, buy fruits and vegetables and arrange them in a bowl for your kitchen table or bar.

3. Move Furniture Outdoors

Some patio furniture is less than comfortable. If you have a covered deck, patio or balcony, why not move a comfy chair, sofa or even a bed outdoors? Sleeping under the stars and waking up as the sun rises is one of life’s great pleasures. Add a touch of whimsy by hanging an inexpensive canopy on your outdoor bed. Spread an area rug on the deck and add an accent table or two.

4. Make Small Changes

Give your home a summer feel by making small changes. For instance, swap dark textiles for light or bright ones. Throw pillows stitched in floral or nautical prints add instant summer appeal. Drape light colored throws in cotton or linen. Look for opportunities to add accessories in your living and dining room. Anything with a light, bright or airy feel can lift the mood of your decor. If you have mementos from past summer vacations, find a place to display them.

5. Change the Walls

Summer is a great time to paint if your walls are due for an update. But you can freshen the look of a room without painting. Find places to hang summer-themed art. If your walls are already full, switch the old art for new pieces. Look for framed paintings, prints or photos in sizes similar to what you already have, then temporarily swap the new for the old.

6. Add Slipcovers

Rich-colored furniture looks great, but in summer may feel too dark. Quickly and affordably transform a couch or chair with slipcovers. You don’t need to cover every chair in a room. Choose one or two pieces to cover. Don’t hesitate to experiment with bold or bright colors.

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