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Avoid Common Pitfalls of Office Design

Office design has a big job. It needs to increase productivity. It needs to express a company’s brand. It needs to keep everyone comfortable. And, while accomplishing all this, it shouldn’t break the bank. While these goals are distinct, they aren’t necessarily in conflict. A well-thought out plan will take all four goals into consideration.

Avoid Common Pitfalls of Office Design

Window film can help you avoid common pitfalls of office design. If you’re rethinking your space, here are some things to steer clear of:

Scarcity of Branding

Is your logo front and center? Even if you don’t host clients, it’s important that your office reflects your brand. Display your logo in the office, in art, signs, stationery, and other objects. Graphic displays are an elegant way to show your logo and brand identity. Our plotters can produce custom images ready to install on your office windows, doors and walls.

Lack of Privacy

Open layouts are a mainstay in contemporary offices. A positive of this floorplan is its flexibility. When there are no cubicles to dismantle or walls to remove, an office can quickly adapt to changing needs. A negative of openness is the lack of privacy. Employees may feel they are on display to the outside world and co-workers.

You can mitigate the discomfort by providing areas where people can find solitude. Apply reflective or frosted film to interior windows, such as those in an office or conference room. Plan areas that provide areas of quiet and privacy, such as a lounge in a corner, behind a freestanding wall or large water feature.

Unfiltered Sunlight

Many offices suffer from glare and hot and cold spots. Window tinting improves both situations. If you don’t want to ruin your view by installing blinds, use tinted window film to tame solar energy and light. Window tinting is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade a building’s energy efficiency. Tinting comes in a range of strengths, from barely visible to somewhat dark. Over time, the film will pay for itself by decreasing utility bills.

Uninspired Decor

As unlikely as it may seem, art in the workplace increases focus and productivity. Blank walls are uninspiring. Art engages and stimulates. Scientific studies back the productivity-enhancing properties of visual art. You can read about those studies in our blog post here. Adding art of various types, including paintings, photos, and multimedia, enhances the style of your office and the mood of your employees. Some of our favorite projects involved creating large graphic installations for walls, hallways, conference rooms and lobbies.

A comfortable and beautiful office design will help your company recruit and retain creative, skilled workers. Contact Pacific Window Tinting to plan the ideal space for your business.



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