Benefits of Security Window Tinting

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While commonly thought of in terms of reducing sunlight, window tints can actually come in completely clear options, and be used to reinforce windows to protect against impact.

Shielding Against Neighborhood Accidents

Whether you live near Laurelhurst Park or somewhere in Lair Hill, neighborhood accidents can happen. It could be anything from an errant baseball to a fallen tree branch. One of the finest safety and security window films, Armorcoat, can reinforce your windows for shatter-resistance. Additionally, its clear version is entirely invisible, so it will not affect your ability to enjoy the sunlight or leave any glare on your windows.

Preventing Burglary

Did you know that windows are the second-most common point of entry for burglars to use? Now there is a way to reinforce your windows to help prevent break-ins. Applying a layer of Armorcoat dramatically improves window impact resistance, and can even hold shards in place should a burglar make repeat attempts.

Keeping Family Safe in the Event of Oregon Natural Disaster

While Portland is for the most part a relatively safe area, there are still some geological hazards worth taking into consideration. The city technically lies within what is referred to by geologists as the “Cascadia Subduction Zone,” an area actually quite prone to earthquake. Should seismic forces shake up your home, you can rest assured that your windows may indeed stay totally intact. This could result in a safer home and ultimately thousands of dollars in savings.

How Armorcoat Window Film Works to Protect You

Among the strongest of window films, Armorcoat security “tinting” actually comes in the option of completely clear, with no shading whatsoever. Their film offers many resistant layers of high-tensile polyester, with aggressive adhesiveness so that even broken shards will stick together to keep your window secured.


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