Best Portland Window Tinting for Your Home

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Portland window tinting is more common than you might realize, and it has more benefits than you might realize.  You wear sunglasses outside.  Your car has tinted windows.  But you may not have considered tinting the windows in your home.  Window tinting is good for your eyes, your belongings, and your energy bill.  And the best part is you’ll benefit in all of those areas without even noticing your windows are tinted because many kinds of window tinting are nearly invisible.  Of course, darker tints are available to suit your needs.

Window tinting film on the windows of your home keeps around 99% of UV rays from entering your home.  These rays are harmful to your eyes, and they’re also what cause your furniture and other items to fade over time.  Do you want to put your best furniture near your picture windows, but you don’t want to risk sun damage to the fabric?  Do your kids leave their toys in front of the window, causing them to become faded and look worn?  Even in Portland, window tinting can be an easy solution to this problem because the UV rays that are blocked by window tinting films are what cause the fading to the items near your windows.  Who knew that window tinting is able to protect both you and your investments?

On sides of your home that get a constant amount of sunlight, you may have found that another issue, in addition to fading, these rooms get uncomfortably hot during the day.  Portland window tinting fixes this with a film that keeps heat out, which will allow you to effectively cool your home equally in all rooms.  The best part is a single film can provide all of the benefits mentioned above.

You can also make your home more pleasant to live in than you ever thought it could be by adding privacy frosting or glare protection.  Frosting a window in a bathroom or bedroom can be a very pleasant way to provide privacy while still allowing natural sunlight to come in.  These are only a few of the ways that Portland window tinting can help you make better memories by improving your home.